Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking at the world from a differant view

Danni, the hen in the middle of the pic has one heck of a sense of humor! She makes me laugh everyday! I do believe the pics will explain themselves!

Every evening Danni does this. The other girls just sit there like normal hens, but not Danni! She has to look at the world from a different view.
9 days and counting for eggs to hatch! Hmmmm, I wonder if one of the chicks will be a Polish Laced like Danni is! Now that would be fun to have two comics here.
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  1. Lol! This post really made me laugh, mostly because I now have a hen named Danni, too!! My hen with a broken foot is now Danni, I mentioned to Danni at Critter Farm that I named the hen after her since she provided me with so much assistance, as always. She's so helpful, and I really don't even know her, so the least I can do is name a hen after her!!! Any my hen Danni is such a goof ball; I guess I notice her antics because I spend alot of time with her since she now lives in my house....

    I love your Danni's "hair" - it is so cool!! It's nice to have a comedian in the coop!

  2. Lynn-- I also named my Danni after Danni from Critter Farm. I've known Danni for several years now and she is one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest souls,all wrapped up with a sense of humor! Your Danni lives in the house now? Is this a permanent move?

  3. what a cute hen! isn't it great to discover their unqiue personalities? all animals are unique...even my deer!

  4. How cute!! I did have for one year a rooster and hen of the polish top hat breed and found they were extremely tame. I will be so tickled to get some of the Polish ones!! I am really excited to see what assortment of chicks they put in my recent order through McMurrays. I have them coming in May and ordered Rainbow layers and the Ornamental Layers. Also 25 of the Rarest of Rare,,whatever assortment I get, will all be a surprise. Now I need to get busy and set up another coop just for them. Gad, do I ever get myself into stuff or what!?

  5. Oh, no, Cindy, the hen is coming out of my house as soon as that foot heals. I dont want to put her back too soon & get it hurt again. She still limps, but that's ok, as long as she doesn't fallover. Last night I let her spend a few hours with the chickens, but she had a really hard time walking in the coop, so she's back inside again. She broke her middle toe which I guess helps to keep her balance & really affects her walking. I figure by Sat I'll untape her foot & see how she walks without the "cast".

  6. Look at that sweet girl - she's a riot! Did my hair look like this when I came to visit you, Cindy? lol Now tell her to get herself on some eggs - she needs to make you a Grandma, too!! :-) :-)

    Human Danni :-)


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