Thursday, January 14, 2010

Had to find out!

Alright, I admit it. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to find out just how many eggs Little Inger is sitting on. Here is Little Inger keeping her eggs nice and warm. She is so happy.
Sorry about the picture being fuzzy. I picked up Little Inger, held her and took this picture of her eggs and immediately set her back onto her eggs. Um, some different colored ones there! Looks like Little Inger has snagged a few eggs that were not hers! There is one Americauna ( green egg), one white egg from one of the Mottled Houdans, one or two larger brown eggs ( either from an Americauna or the Polish Laced hen). The rest of her eggs are, I am guessing from her. Heck who knows, maybe some of them belong to the other White Silky Bantam! I have no idea how such a small girl is keeping all those eggs warm!

Of course Mr. Worm had to come inside the chicken pen to help me.
According to my calculations Little Inger's eggs should hatch out no later than February 6th! I am really looking forward to seeing how many will hatch......and of course how many different breeds she will mother.
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  1. Just a tip for you Cindy, take and mark each one of the eggs that is under her now with a pen. Like an X at one end. Otherwise she will have 24+++ eggs under her and the fresher ones will spoil not hatch.

    Inger isn't laying any more eggs herself right I don't believe so anyway. However, the other hens are more than happy to donate a few more every day to the new flock she is mothering...

    They are so much fun to watch when they start hatching. And they WILL KNOW that when "Mama Inger" talks - they had better listen to her or else! Mother Hens do keep their babies in line. :-)

  2. Can't wait to check back in to see the chicks. Keep us updated.

  3. This is so awesome! And funny....look at that little fluff ball guarding those eggs! :-)
    Do you ever see her get off the nest to eat or drink? Could other hens be adding to the quantity she's sitting on right now?

    Fun!!! and exciting!!!!


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