Friday, January 22, 2010

Help Yourself!

Normally I do not eat breakfast, but this morning a warmed up danish just sounded really good. As I was sitting here enjoying it and checking my ebay, company showed up. First it was Rodent(left) and Jovi (right). Rodent has never jumped up onto the table. Well, that is until this morning. Apparently he wanted a bite of danish too.
Before I knew it, Squirrel ( far left) and Ozzy ( far right) decided to join the other two. Ozzy is thinking that the danish is looking pretty tasty!

Jovi dives in and takes the first bite.

Since Jovi took a bite, Squirrel takes one.

Looks like my 'company' is enjoying breakfast.
The kittens and cats know that they are not allowed on the table while we are eating. It is a no no. I must have just been really tired, or amused, since all I did was sit back, grab the camera and take pics. What danish they didn't eat was given to the chickens.
Until next time....................


  1. You are very nice to share your breakfast!

  2. Now isn't that cute! You didn't really want breakfast anyway, did you.

  3. your in trouble now! But they are too cute to growl at.

  4. Razzberry Corner-- Thank you. Aw heck, fiid is always best shared!

    Barbee'-- Naw, that danish didn't taste really good at all!! Hey, at least I got a few bites in.

    Angela-- Yeah, they are pretty cute to growl at.

    Joanna-- Well,let me know what you are having for breakfast and I'll send the cuties right on over to share with you! :) lol

  5. You'd think it was a bit of prime steak or fish the way they are eying it! ;-) I've found my kitties have a bit of sweet tooth even though 'they' say cats can't taste sweets. Really? Enjoyed the pics.

  6. it is difficult to say no to such sweet little faces! what bad kittens! my new little kitten is exactly that...bad! she too will get up on the table and lay there...silly kitties!

  7. That must have been one tasty danish! My cats have never shown an interest in anything sweet, but when we try to eat fish...look out!


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