Saturday, January 9, 2010

Those Rascally Kittens!

The kittens have been little rascals this morning! This is what I woke up to this morning. A paper mess.
Awww, look how cute they are playing.

Jovi checking to make sure there is nothing inside the boot.

Ah ha!!!!! Hmmm, I wonder who is partially responsible for the paper mess. Couldn't be Rodent could it?

No wonder Squirrel, Rodent and Jovi are hungry. All that playing and paper shredding makes one very hungry.
Those silly little rascals.
Until next time...........................


  1. Thats too funny!!

    Each morning as I check my email, I have Tootsie on my left on the couch, and Bear Cub on my right on the floor. Both of them pushing into me as hard as they can saying "Good morning Mom!! Pet me I love you!!" ... and then they take off to play like crazy. But they are dogs and a bit bigger than your playful kittens...
    Just have to love the animals!

  2. All that nice rustling paper is just irresistible! Our cat (now deceased) used to Love! Christmas mornings with all the tissue and wrapping papers.

  3. I can sure relate to this post! Just recently moved four kittens into the house. Not what I had planned, but it's working out. I sure had forgotten the energy and creative skill of finding things to get into that kittens have! I just spent an hour putting things to right in the house--most of it from the kittens. This too shall pass.....

  4. Your kittens are so adorable -- I wish I could come and play with them too!


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