Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this enough?

Since today is raining it is a good day to do some indoor chores. After dusting it was time to get out the vacuum. But first all the cat toys had to be found and put back into the toy box. Do you think the cats and kittens have enough toys?
Rose is wondering why the cats have so many toys. What makes them so special! Well Rose, my dear, you and the other dogs don't play with toys anymore.

Of course Squirrel has to drag out her favorite toy. Thanks Squirrel, but I do need to vacuum.

I put the toy back into the box and look who is taking it back out! Good ol' Squirrel.

I put it once again into the toy box and Squirrel is thinking, um, nope, this toy, THIS toy does not belong inside the box.
You guessed it, I gave up. If she wants her toy out so badly then fine, she can have it. It will only take a moment to pick it up to vacuum.
You don't suppose the cats and kittens are a tad bit spoiled do you?
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  1. love the photo of the cats around the place priceless

  2. Love it!! I would have a dozen if I could.

  3. not enough toys, the top of the box must be running over

  4. Of course cats get spoilt. They are royalty after all. Just ask them.
    My little prince will even wake you up when he thinks its time for you to get up and feed him. Not when the clock says so

  5. Taht little Squirrel is toooo cute! I hope Rose is feeling better these days. And, you just reminded me -- I forgot to vacuum my living room! Bummer -- well it's too late now.

  6. Boy, does this look familiar! I can't believe how many toys the new kitties dredged up from the 'old' kitties younger days (not to mention all the new toys I bought them...). Sometimes I do confiscate the loud balls with bells in the middle...they love to play with them in the middle of the night. The picture of Squirrel reminds me of litter box cleaning time. What a major event that is, with all six cats concerned they can't wait two seconds for the new litter! Too funny, loved this post.

  7. John-- Thank you.

    Barbee'-- How funny you say a dozen cause there are more than a dozen cats/kittens here!

    Joanna--I'llbe sure to tell the kittens that they need more toys!! :)

    Angela-- I agree, they are royalty! The joke around here is that Suirrel is a self proclaimed Diva! HOw nice of your Prince to be your alarm clock! lol

    Christy-- You are right, they are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

    Canyon Girl ( Inger)-- Thank you for asking about Rose. Yes, she is doing wonderful. Still have to be outside with her at night when she does her business. But after all, she is a Princess and has been treated as one!

    Tammy-- I laughed out loud about the kitty box. We have two cats who, while I am cleaning the litter box think they need to hurry and do their business right then and there! And like yours, then the others one run in there when the fresh litter is put in. Those crazy kitties! :)

  8. what a good kitty mama you are!!! bridget's toys end up under the couch and i have to get the old tennis racket out and swish them back into view...the kitties love to see all of the balls going everywhere!

  9. OK, this post really made me laugh, it so reminds me of me! First of all, I'm late in commenting - sorry, my home computer has died, I'm using an older laptop that I drug out of storage till I can fix the other...

    My cats have some of the same toys as yours, and they love them, too! I keep all the boys in a paper bag on the floor in the office. Shadow always pulls out toys to play with and carries them around the house. Once a week I got around & put them all back in the bag. When Shad wants to play she always runs to the bag & sticks her hand in...

    And Jack, he always, always has to go potty when I'm cleaning the box. Sometimes he cannot wait & has to climb in & go WHILE I'm cleaning the box. Come on, Jack, it only takes me 2 minutes. I've always wondered why he does that!

    The cats make us laugh, that's for sure!!


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