Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Only January!!!

It's only January and there are signs of lice on two of the donkeys here. Yes, lice!!! This is the first time I have had to de-louse the donkeys so early in the year. Geez, it is winter here isn't it?! Well, the so called winter we have had here in the valley hasn't been much of one at all. Temps have been on the warm side. A bit of rain here and there. No snow to speak of. But, the combination of what rain we have had and the warm temps is the perfect breeding grounds for lice! Usually it doesn't have to be done until March. Out to the barn to the medicine cabinet to get the lice powder.
See the bald patch between Arnold's nostril and upper lip? Yup, tell tale sign of lice.

Another obvious sign is the raggedy-ness of the coat. She is always the first to get lice. In fact, there has never been a problem with lice here until she came. So, this morning was dusting all the donkeys. Let me tell you, it is not easy sprinkling lice powder on them. It is so funny how they know when I have a treat or the dreaded powder or wormer! Sorry, no pics of the actual dusting. A lot of it is run by powdering! You know, I walk non chalantley around, wait for them to come to me and then start sprinkling. After the sprinkling, then it has to be rubbed in for the powder to do its job. By that time it really does become a challenge. It took awhile, but it got done! I win!!!!!

And since the donkeys had to get dusted, guess which bunch was next? Look at those sweet, unsuspecting faces!! Hee Hee
And in 10-14 days the process needs to be done again!!
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  1. ahh hah!! You reminded me...I was thinking one of my cows had a little case of ringworm, but I DO need to dust also! Not so much a ring or circle of missing fur just a little strip here and there on her head. I will have to grab some stuff and do that too! Thanks for the info!

  2. DebH-- You are very welcome! Hope dusting the cows is easier than donkeys! Have fun! :)

  3. Thank goodness we haven't had lice. But worming our sheep is so funny. It takes 3 o 4 to catch one and hold it down so we can give it the paste.
    One day I will video it and send it to funny videos.
    Im sure we will win.

  4. eeeek. lice? really? I never thought of that. Hmmmm...I will certainly keep my eyes open for any tell-tale signs.
    Had to laugh at the "run by powdering"

  5. Angela-- I would love to see how you worm sheep! Sounds like it is an adventure too!

    Danni--Yup, lice! As for the run by powdering, all I can say is I am darned good at it now! It's all in how sneaky you can get with them. And you know how smart those longears are!! Although I have to admit that some know what I am up to and you should see the looks in their eyes! I have hidden behind trees to get the job done!!


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