Monday, January 17, 2011

Love a productive day!

I just love a productive day. This morning after feeding and watering the horses and donkeys I heard the familiar sound of a resident hawk. And this one was close! A quick check to see where the chickens were ( all hiding under my truck) the hawk flew right overhead onto a tree. I ran inside to get the camera hoping he would still be there. Yup, still sitting on the branch. It isn't a very good pic. He is in the center of the pic. Inching my way closer to get a better pic he flew off.

I had put off long enough setting up a space for my little office.  With the help of one of my daughters, we carried the roll top desk in. Now that I actually have an 'office' again I can get back to business selling on eBay.

I also set up the plastic garbage containers out in the breezeway for recycling. Time to get back to recycling!

For awhile now I have  been wanting to make my own homemade refried beans. Have never made them before but with the price of refried beans per can, my thought was to make my own, then freeze in small containers to have on hand when needed. They are still cooking in the slow cooker.  Later today they will be mashed a bit then tasted. Hmmmm, wonder how they will come out! If they are gross, looks like the chickens or the wildlife up on the hill will get them.

Was finally able to catch up on all the laundry and even put it all away!

Started organizing the garage/store room since when we moved in we didn't organize anything out there. While out there I found a box of books so brought them into the house and actually put them onto the bookshelf! 

I changed my mind on what breed of chickens I'm going to get. Instead of Buff Orpingtons I will order some Americaunas. Since they come in different colors ( egg color is a bonus) and they are excellent layers, it seems the perfect choice. I have also come to the conclusion that I will have to start selling the eggs to help pay for the feed. I feel bad having to do it with so many people struggling, but if I don't charge as much as other people do, well, then it will be a win win situation for everyone.  

Ozzy has the right idea. This is what I feel like doing now, but can't. Still have animal evening chores to do, cook dinner, mash the beans, etc.....

I really do love a productive day!

Until ext time.......................


  1. It does sound like quite the busy day. Sounds like things are finally settling into place. I can't believe how long it takes living somewhere before it truly feels like home.

  2. Just finished blogging about my day as well, but of course, I didn't do nearly as much as you. But I got one small space cleaned, dogs walked, wood brought in, and a new kind of bread, never tried before, baked. Love to the critters.--Inger

  3. You didn't just have a productive day, you had a very productive day. Don't you love that tired but satisfied feeling you get? I think that selling the eggs, but, maybe at cost to help pay for the feed, is a great idea.

  4. Cindy please look into have a dozen meat chickens just for your own use, that's more than enough to start with. They do eat a lot but it's going to be worth the effort in the long run. It's tough doing the first chicken but it soon feel like you done it forever.
    Glad your settling in.

  5. I like your desk! You did have a busy day! I had a frustrating one, but that's not new.

    I wish I could take care of chickens, but DH says no, and he's right, I couldn't take care of them in real hot or real cold weather and he doesn't want to. I think your chicken choice is a good one, everyone goes gaga for those colored shells on the eggs.

  6. so glad the home is coming together and you are getting back to the things that you normally do. like your idea for chickens! hope you can sell the eggs - hope you had a great weekend. looks like it~

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  8. Love the photo of Ozzy! He's adorable.

  9. Productive days are so satisfying! Sounds like you really got some things accomplished. I've tried to make my own re-fried beans too, but they just don't have quite the same taste--mine are rather bland. They aren't nasty and are edible just not the same. Let me know if yours turn out like you want and what you added to make them taste good! I think you'll enjoy the americuanas. They are pretty hardy little birds and do a consistent and productive job of egg laying.

  10. Good choice on the "easter egg" chickens. When I worked at USA and sold my eggs people loved the colored eggs. They thought they were a healthier egg. But and egg is an egg...the color depends on the breed of chicken. I really enjoyed the guineas when I had them. Haven't replaced them and don't know why. Hummmm...maybe when I order the new banties I might get a few guineas. What color guineas did you get? Love to you sis.


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