Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horses and humor coming back

Yesterday as I was feeding, Pewter was trotting behind the Gator and the next thing I know her left back leg slipped out from under her and she almost hit the ground. Her leg kind of twisted so immediately I checked it out. All is fine. Thank goodness.  

Day before yesterday, again at feeding time, Hoody was running towards the Gator all excited and the next thing I see is all four of his feet came out from under him, he hit the ground so hard his whole body rolled over! He was up in an instant. Looked at me to ask if I knew what happened. Thank goodness he is also fine.

To watch the horses and donkeys at feeding time you would think they were never fed by how excited they get! They are fed hay twice a day, are on pasture 24/7, fresh clean water daily, yet they behave like they have never seen a bale of hay!

Yup, that's me being silly up on one of the hills getting firewood! My sense of humor is coming back! The other day I had to make a trip to town with my middle daughter. We went into a grocery store and there inside the entrance was a display of palm plants. As my daughter walked off I hid behind the display having the leaves give me cover. She turned around to see where I was. We both starting laughing. She shook her head and told me she was glad my humor was back. Although two store employees stopped what they were doing and asked if everything was okay ( although they were also laughing at my antic). As I walked by them, I told them yes everything was fine, that I was not a nut case and if they wanted to walk around the store with me they were more than welcome. They declined and thanked me for a good laugh.
Oh, in this pic I am wearing a pair of thermal pants, jeans, sweatshirt, flannel shirt and rain gear along with a beanie.

A hawk got one of my little speckled hens. Living very rural things like this are going to happen. 

One of the outside cats either got into a fight or just got something in her eye. Thankfully the animal medicine cabinet has just about everything in it so now she gets eye ointment for a few days until her eye is cleared up.

I have decided on getting  10 Buff Orpingtons chicks and three either Black Silkies or Frizzle Bantams.

Haven't seen Creepy Guy for awhile.

Oh, speaking of a sense of humor coming back. I have decided come tourist season and when the tour buses drive by, well, the passengers are going to get a good laugh or they will be shaking their heads wondering what kind of people live in Oregon! I have several ideas brewing in my head as to what to do.

Welcome back sense of humor!

Until next time.......................


  1. glad to see everything is getting better. must have missed who creepy guy was...yuck...poor little hen. that is awful. i couldn't imagine being plucked out of the sky with painful talons and suffering till my end. sigh....have a great day!

  2. oh, the horses falling and tripping would scare me! they are big but so fragile in many ways. so glad they are fine. animals are funny around feed time. i love to listen to their vocalization. jill

  3. You know, I think that all the stress of moving, then settling in just got to you. Now you are establishing a routine and are beginning to feel more at home, so your natural good humor is beginning to come back.

    I'm very glad that both horses were OK. I sometimes think that they live to scare us with their antics.

  4. Glad your sense of humor is back.. Being dull gets old.. On your fence you might put a stuffed Kermit the Frog with his arm in the air to wave at the people when they go buy.. Tourist would love that.. I saw a big one at Goodwill the other day and now wish I would of bought him.. He would of looked good on the fence out by my road to wave at the people as they go by. People never know what I'm going to do next.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now...from Iowa....

  5. Whoa, tripping and falling horses scare me! Heart would be pounding really bad, so glad they are fine!

    Palm plants - where you going to plant them?

    Freezing your bottom off there, like we are? High of 25F today, I am just not used to this! The cold seems to have taken my sense of humor, maybe it will be back after it warms up again! :-) Glad you have yours back - in full force!

  6. nice to "see"you smile again!
    dont wait for too many eggs from the buffs!
    they will however make lovely mums!

  7. Hey sis...I have got a few ideas for the tourists! I'll let you know later. I am with John on the buffs...not many eggs but real nice attitude. I plan on getting some more banties for the spring and hopefully hatch a few too. I know what you mean about the horses falling, I just witnessed Sly do a turn, kick and run before slipping then toss her arabian head and look around as if to say "I meant to do that...yeah that's it". Glad your humor is is too cold for me. It is supposed to get to 29 degrees tonight. Brrr...

  8. So glad you're feeling like yourself again. Yay!

  9. So nice to hear you are feeling much better!

  10. Welcome back, Cindy's humor! We knew you were still there all along. :)

  11. I just hope you don't plan on 'mooning' those poor tourists....then again...go for it!!!! YEAH humour is back....give us a great big H......!

  12. I'm so happy to see your sense of humor is coming back. I talked to Rachael for a long time yesterday and some really good things are happening to her too. And for us too.--Inger


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