Monday, January 3, 2011

A lot happens in two days!

Sorry once again for no pictures.

The past two days have been quite eventful.

One of my dearest friends called me yesterday to let me know her 16 year old son was in ICU at the hospital. Turns out her son did something over the top stupid and it nearly cost him his life.
He went to a concert New Years Eve with some friends. To make a long story short he took throughout the evening 2 of those Ecstasy pills, smoked pot and drank some wine. Then he and the friends went to another friends house where a party was going on. He decided during the wee morning hours to get into his vehicle and drive home. Thankfully his vehicle did not start. So, one of his friends got behind the wheel and they all decided to go to another friends house where they would be able to fix whatever was wrong with his vehicle. While on the way over, her son, who was in the backseat, went into seizures.  One of the friends mothers were home, saw what was happening, called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital where he remained in ICU until yesterday evening.

I just received a text message from my friend letting me know that her son had been released and they were on their way home. Time will tell if there is any permanent damage. 

The mail lady was thankful for the two boxes of plastic bags. Come to find out the post office no longer supplies the carriers with plastic bags anymore! 

Yesterday the rest of the logs were split and stacked. This coming weekend it looks like more firewood will be hauled down. That's okay though. I keep having visions of a nice toned summer bod! 

After stacking the firewood it was off to town in what I had hoped would be a rather short trip. Nope, turned into an almost four hour trip. But I got everything needed so won't be having to go to town again until this weekend when it is grocery shopping time! 

While I was in a store I saw a gal who had stopped by at one of our moving sales at the old house. So I stopped to see how she and her husband were doing. The last time we had spoke with each other they were on the brink of losing their house. Turns out they did lose their house a month after I lost mine. And what really is sad is the mortgage company kept telling them that they were reviewing their paperwork for the home loan modification up to the day of the auction! She found out they had lost their house when the realtor showed up to take pictures of the property. She told him what the mortgage company had said and he asked her if she knew that the house had reverted back to the bank that same morning! How's that for finding out you lost your house!  She told me she was so worried about me and the animals and didn't know where we had moved. I told her about this place, gave her my address and invited her to come and visit. She always loved seeing the donkeys in the pasture at the old house. My heart just aches for her ( and anyone else who has lost or is losing their home).

I have asked around about Creepy Guy and no one seems to know anything about him.

Today has been catch up on the house cleaning, laundry, cleaning the chicken coop, scrubbing water troughs, etc..... 

Tomorrow my oldest daughter is coming over to help put up some livestock panels so I can enlarge the pasture for the horses and donkeys. They have eaten down the pasture pretty good.

In the morning I am going to catch up with all of you to see what the heck has been happening in your lives.

Until next time.............................


  1. Thanks for the update! Good to hear that the Mail Lady was thankful for the bags....nice thing you did for her and it turned out good for both of you.
    Never a dull moment in your life. Take care.

  2. Whew, that kid did make some stupid choices! I hope there is no permanent damage, what a heartache for your friend.

    I have heard about some of the shenanigans they have played with people who are losing their homes. Wow, what a way to find out!

    More wood to get, more muscles, Girl - you are gonna look fine, come Spring!

    So now he's mysterious, creepy guy. Hmmm

  3. I hope your friend's son recovers and learns his lesson. It seems like there is never a dull moment. I think of my son always complaining about life (school) being boring and wishing I could have just one boring day.

  4. Terrible about the son.

    Continue asking around about creepy guy.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. You're right, a lot going on! Glad you caught up with your old neighbor, but what sad news. I've heard so many stories of people being foreclosed on after jumping through countless hoops to get a loan modification. I work for a bank, and it doesn't make any sense to me. Who are these monsters letting this happen???

    I hope your friend's son is ok, and maybe will serve as a lesson for his friends. Every child who reaches a responsible, productive adulthood without falling into that kind of behavior is a miracle these days.

    So...are you worried now that Creepy Guy might be a figment of your imagination? lol

  6. wow, a couple bouts of bad news between your friend's son and the folks who lost their home. i am so sorry to hear that. i'm glad things keep moving forward for you. sounds like your place is really coming together. yes!

  7. i guess meeting someone who lost their home brought back your own loss!
    chill this evening , you deserve it

  8. I hope that boy learned his lesson. It's great to see you getting settled and horrible to hear about these callous lenders. I feel so blessed that I was able to work out my situation so well. I love, love, love your header photo.--Inger


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