Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What started as a good day........

The night before last I took the dogs out for the last potty break before heading off to bed. As I was standing there I looked up to see a magnificent Barn Owl perched on top of the gate leading into the front pasture. That owl was just mesmerizing to watch. His head would turn side to side. He stayed there for quite awhile before he flew off. And what a wingspan he had! Wow!

Anyway, believing that seeing an owl so close was a good sign I went to bed thinking that good things were ahead.

Yesterday started off great. Sun was shining. Warm for a January day. All the animals were frisky and getting along. Smiles all around.

Then it all changed. My youngest and oldest daughter have been somewhat arguing for two weeks now. I thought they had worked it all out. Um, nope. Youngest daughter calls me, then oldest daughter calls me, and so on. Finally after several hours of the drama I told them both that they needed to speak to one another and straighten this crap out. Two hours later it was all settled. Good! Finally!

By this time it was close to feeding time so I started putting the hay in the back of the Gator to look up and see AJ ( horse pictured above) on the wrong side of the fence! She had jumped the fence and was grazing by the barn. Crap! Okay, to make sure no one else got out I started feeding everyone in the back pasture to make sure they were all occupied. Well, AJ decides that she wants back into the pasture so she jumps the fence to come back over. Only this time she didn't jump high enough and caught both front feet in the fence. Thank goodness she just stood there while I ran to get a halter and lead rope.

Got back to her, haltered here and tried picking her feet up to get them out of the fence. She decides to not cooperate! Mind you, she isn't struggling, just planting her big old fat feet and being stubborn. I finally get one foot out. By this time the fence is mashed down. I go over to the other foot to get that one out of the fence and she nips me! Why? Because apparently I wasn't moving fast enough and she wanted to go eat dinner with everyone else. She went to nip me again as I was bending over but thankfully I saw it coming so she got a smack on the nose. Talk about stink eye! Finally she cooperated enough to get her other foot out. She was walked out to the back pasture and turned loose with everyone else. As I took the halter off, she turned around, glared at me and took off, but not before a quick kick out towards me! 

Oh, and before I go back to get AJ's feet out of the fence I grabbed a pair of wire cutters from the Gator to find them rusted shut! Stupid me left them out in the elements! A good spray with WD-40 will take care of that!

Although before the drama of the day started, I find these old pieces of metal half buried in the front pasture. Pretty sure it used to be a cog or something on a tractor or some kind of farm equipment from years ago. Going to have to save up for a metal detector and search for more history pieces.

Today is a brand new day. The sun is shining. Time to get outside and repair the fence.

Until next time.......................


  1. Oh dear - that could have been worse! Glad everything is ok, but seems you got your aerobic exercise yesterday!

    Yep, another day......

  2. never a dull moment, lol! thanks for the chuckle, although I'm sure it wasn't so funny for you while it was happening. luckily no one was hurt :-)

  3. glad everything worked out-no real damage done !love the new header

  4. First of all, your new header photo is lovely. Such sweet faces! Innocent, meh, maybe not, but such a pleasure to look at.

    I'm glad that you got AJ out of the fence OK. Thank goodness she stood still, and didn't panic. She must be a quarter horse, lol. I had to laugh at your nip and stink eye description, though. Mare much?

    Here's hoping that today is much easier on your back.

  5. You are an inspiration to follow my friend.
    Reminds me of my horse days, cutting hooves free from wire fences, and almost always getting a good nip or kick after doing so...
    I'm glad you were not hurt, now family quarrels, that can be a whole different kettle of fish :)
    Onwards and Upwards tomorrow is anew !

  6. can see it all unfold...horses...they sure make you shake your head sometimes! And..what is that story of the suture marks on AJ's neck!? I bet that was an interesting story also.
    One of my horses ran into a post, out in the middle of a pasture head first one time. She vaulted over and came up after a couple rolling tumbles and I found she had sliced open her nose from her eyes down to her nostils! the skin just hung over her nose with bone and tissue exposed for all the world. FAST trip into the vet to sew her face back on and many weeks of spraying and keeping clean left her with not a single scar. Very surprising as the Vet said her skin on her nose would likely sluff off, but it didn't! Like I said, leave it to a horse! LOL

  7. some folks just don't appreciate our help like we think they should. :-)

  8. We got a metal detector a year ago - thought it was a great idea because we always find historic metal pieces around the property. What I didn't realize is that you have to do ALOT of digging to find the metal that it detects. It's all fun to detect it, the machine is beeping, you are excited. Then you have to break out the shovel and dig and dig and dig, and all you find is an old rusty nail. After a few hours of digging it isn't so much fun anymore!!! I haven't used my metal detector in quite a while now...

  9. How scary! Your heart must have been flying. Horses can sure get themselves in trouble. Is that a mustang freeze brand on AJ? I used to think your name was AJ!
    I'm having computer problems, so you might get this twice.

  10. Hope today is better for you!

  11. Oh good grief! You must have constantly been wondering what was next. I'm glad that AJ is okay... she'll get over it. ;)

  12. That's why I'm just a wee bit fearful of horses...the old nipperoni...ouch! Funny a dog can nip or whatever and I have no qualms...but anything bigger then I'm so wary. Need more experience for sure. Ron

  13. What a sassy horse!!!! :) Glad you caught her before she nipped u in the butt!


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