Sunday, January 9, 2011

Does it ever end!

If there is a day that is dull and boring I would have to ask why. Seems there is always something going on here that keeps me on my toes.

Somehow I got poison oak in winter from going up on the hills behind the house getting wood. Being highly allergic to the stuff and knowing the signs of it  I can get a handle on it before having to go to the doctor and getting a shot. But it really is a pain in the ass!

Last evening the four goats decided they wanted to explore so they all squeezed under the panels I put up and started checking everything out. Trying to convince the girlie goats that for their own safety they needed to stay in the pasture with the horses and donkeys turned out to be quite the challenge. They were insisting on exploring where  I was insistent on them going back where they belong. After what seemed like an eternity ( mind you it was 30 degrees outside and the sun was going down), the goats finally decided to do what I asked.

Yesterday it was another day on one of the hills for more firewood. Better to have more than needed for when the day comes the temps are too cold to get up there and get some and you really need it.

Last night I swear every sound was amplified. The cats were arguing or getting into something. One dog was snoring so loud I am surprised it didn't wake the dead. So am a bit grumpy today from lack of sleep.

This morning my youngest daughter calls me to tell me that her boyfriend broke up with her last night because she wouldn't have sex with him!!! She is standing her ground and will not 'give it up' to just anyone until she knows for certain she is in a true relationship. I am very proud of her for keeping to her promise.

Yesterday afternoon the chickens, who have lots of acreage to go, decided to duck under the driveway gate and go right next to the road! And the road is actually a scenic highway so there is a lot of traffic. I can only imagine what the traffic will be like come summer time! Between the wineries that surround the area here, the lake and river, and just folks taking the scenic route, I can see lots of vehicles passing by everyday. Hmmm, maybe I will have to have some fun with the tourists as they pass by!

Okay, I have vented and whined enough!

So, how has your weekend been so far?

Oh, I was asked who the pinto is in the video. Click here and you will meet the big goober and how he came into my life.

Until next time..................................


  1. Oh, dear, yep, can get poison oak any time of year! Sorry that you have that mess!

    Make signs and post - Chicken Crossing Caution!

    Guess he is not the right one, if having sex is his priority, good for her!

    I am trying to work on the other room and DH keeps bringing me boxes to sort through...Sigh..

    Cold here too and waiting for the snow mess to come in.

  2. oh poor thing! i have those days at times...but i did laugh out loud about th cats and dogs. that is a daily occurance in our house! kudos to your strong and sensible daughter. may she continue to hold on to those admirable goals. poison oak gets me too. i have a soap from southern states that helps diminish it but doesn't eradicate it like the ivy. good luck with that! yuck! i noticed tiny red scabs from scratching my wrists. cricket was out in the woods and when i pick him up invariably i get a small dose of the evil ivy. take care!

  3. Like you, didn't know you could get poison oak in the wintertime. Rub some on that "boyfriend."

  4. We had one of those days last week! Everything that could fell down on us! We survived and got out the other end unscathed.

    The pinto looks to be a very gentle soul. What a bond you two have and a good story how you met too.
    Just got bad from Dad's.....had supper with him. Lot's of snow today but the roads weren't that bad. have a great evening.

  5. Ouch, sorry about the poison oak.
    Yep, gotta love that pinto.

  6. Well done to your girl! He obviously isnt the one.
    Sorry to hear about your poison oak, we dont have that here in Australia and I really think thats a good thing.
    I have started on my winter wood pile, summer here has not been a good one, with lots of rain and flooding up north, so I am betting winter will be a long cold one.
    Feel better soon.

  7. I love John's suggestion of having cheesecake!

    Hang in there. :)

  8. Sounds like maybe you are just a tad worn down. I notice when things go off the charts here and I'm more stressed and tired than normal that the cats/dogs reflect it with stupid behavior. (well, not the snoring, since that seems to not be calculated...but SOMEtimes I wonder! ha). Sorry to hear about the poison oak. I've heard the stuff never hibernates!

  9. What a fun post! I love griping, it really helps you to know people. You dont truly know someone until you know what bothers them!

    And congrats to your daughter! She's got guts to say no to that boy! Good girl! You raised her right! Young men are just like my roosters, full of raging hormones. We just gave away 2 roosters, and withing minutes of one of the roos seeing a strange new pullet, he was trying to have sex with her. He, too, only had one thing on his mind. Silly boys! (The pullet said no, too!)

  10. I always make myself feel better with chocolate when I have days like that...


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