Friday, January 21, 2011

Early morning moon

I was up at four thirty this morning. Had another sleepless night so figured what the heck, just get up. While I was outside letting the dogs do their business, I looked up and watched the moon and clouds realizing how beautiful it was. Back into the house for the camera. After downloading the pics, this one really stood out. To me it looks like the moon and the light around it is in the shape of a heart.

After doing morning chores it was time to gather the wormers and worm the horses and donkeys. Some of them are so easy to worm where as the others are, shall I dare say, a pain in the ass! But everyone is wormed! I win!

Last night I started and finished one of the books from the library. Five to go!

On the news last night they said that one of the biggest companies here in the valley has filed for bankruptcy. That really saddened me because a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. I sure wish this economy would turn around.

Oh, no worries about selling my treasures on eBay. They will stay with me until I'm gone, then they have already been designated to my daughters. 

Will be trying the refried beans again probably next month.

Until next time................


  1. I have that same moon on my blog.. cool~!
    I thought it was spectacular~!
    have a great and tiggeriffic day..
    ta ta for now from Iowa.

  2. Look at all of the different kinds of wormers. Are donkeys wormed with different stuff than horses? I wonder if they're harder to worm. They're so much smarter than horses, that I would think they would figure out the worming thing easier.

    Every time I see a picture of your piebald donkey, I just have to smile. He (she?) tickles me, for some reason.

  3. Awesome moon shot! Wonder why it looks that way? I had a shot at the moon this morning too, but had a tree in the way, LOL! I try.

    I do not see the economy turning around at all. DH is home for his 2nd week again and nothing in sight. It's pretty frustrating.

  4. Wow! Great photo Cindy. Up at 4:30!!!??? Will have to try that.....maybe.

  5. Hi AJ.
    Have you ever tried blindfolding the equines that are less than enthusiastic about being wormed? My mare does not like to be wormed so I get the cap off of the wormer, set the weight dial,put it in my back pocket and tie a winter scarf over her eyes. If you will forgive me, she "doesn't see me coming" and I am able to quickly get her wormed without much fuss.

  6. Glad you won the battle of the worming. I know what a challenge that can be. That picture of the moon is marvelous!

  7. How funny! I was up (later) in awe of that same moon. But we had clear skies and it hung, like a huge dinner plate, over the pond. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Fantastic shot !
    My daughter and myself were both looking at the moon around eight last night, we live about a mile apart.
    She had called to tell me how bright the moon looked, and the clouds, full of snow, floating by as if they were smoke from a volcano erruption.
    Eerily beautiful.

  9. I love your moon shot - it was spectacular here as well. My husband 'made' me go out and get a picture, but thankfully, not at 4:30!

  10. That's a gorgeous shot of the moon.

  11. That moon shot is could crop it using google's picassa FREE edit program and have more fun with it. AND are you a speed book started and finished in one! Sorry to here the economy is still nabbin' folks like'll turn around...finger(paws) crossed!

  12. Gorgeous moon - and poor you - up at 4:30 in the morning. I *hate* sleepless nights!!!!
    But, hey, at least you got a great photo out of it! :-)
    Ack, it that time again? I better go check my calendar!


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