Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Special to me treasures

I should be listing items on eBay, but after reading some of your blogs showing off your treasures, well, I thought I'd share a few of my own.

The candy dish in the very back of the pic belonged to my Grandmother. I lived with her for many years when I was a kid. She always had some kind of candy in it. When she passed I inherited the dish. I have no idea who the maker was or exactly how old it is. I do know that is was in her house in the early 1960's.

The two smaller pink and clear colored dishes I found in a now defunct antique shop several years ago. The plate on the left I found at the Goodwill for seventy nice cents. The plate was made in Bavaria and the colors go nicely with the candy dishes.

Oh, there are actually only four pieces in the pic. The cabinet has a mirror along the sides which makes it look like there is more in there than there really is.

Here is a close up of the candy dish.

This also belonged to my Grandmother. I remember being fascinated with it when I was very young. The covered wagon part has a switch that turns on a very small bulb to light it up. And the brake on the wagon when turned on makes the drivers hand go up and down as if he is urging his horses on. There used to be a whip the driver held, but over the years the whip got lost. This clock sat on my Grandmothers television ( remember those big console ones!) for as long as I can remember.

This collection is much, much newer. I have always had a fascination with royalty. Especially King Ludwig ll of Bavaria. I found him to be fascinating and ahead of his time.  He built some of the worlds most beautiful and famous castles. The more famous being Neuschwanstein. My youngest daughter has gone to Germany twice now and she brought back, yes, the cheezy souvenirs. And I love these cheezy souvenirs! The book I found at a bookstore. It is old and printed in Germany. It tells of the life of King Ludwig.

Anyway, these are just a few of my treasures.

On a side note about those refried beans. My sister who lives in Texas called me this morning and told me how to make the beans taste good. So as soon as I attempt beans again I will let you all know how they came out and share the recipe.

Until next time..............


  1. I love that candy dish. It's certainly one that should not go on e-bay. It needs to be cherished and handed down through more generations! Very beautiful. Can't wait for the bean recipe!

  2. My Grandmother had a candy dish like that only all clear, she kept butterscotch candies in it (the hard ones). I really love your plate and I don't like pink, so that's saying how much it is liked!

    Hmm, waiting on the beans, LOL!

  3. What beautiful treasures you have, and surely you won't be selling any of those pieces that were heirloom ?
    I visited a friend in Colorado who used to have one of those stagecoach lamps, I was always fascinated with it also, it gave a beautiful light, and had a cowhide shade.
    Love the collection of King Ludwig, he did indeed have an eye for beauty and architecture.
    Thank you for sharing, I've enjoyed all of your treasures.

  4. Lovely treasures ! I like the way you have grouped them together so the colours compliment each other

  5. Thank you for showing us your treasures. The candy dishes are so pretty, and I can just see them filled with candy. Funny how a simple little object like these can hold so many cherished memories, isn't it?

  6. Very nice 'things' you have there....I especially like the glass dishes and not to mention the bronze horses. Thanks for sharing and hey, you never know, this could develop into a weekly post or something like that!!

  7. Thank you for sharing some of your treasures. I can certainly understand your fascination with the covered wagon. That's a great piece, I love it. And it's good to remember those who cared about us a long time ago, I think.--Inger

  8. Just got caught up:) Beautiful treasures. It always amazes me what attracts each of us. Loved the story about not dislocating the mice:) Remember the story "Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of Nimh"? That was a great story. Your story reminded me of that. Good luck w/ all your new chickens:)

  9. I love your are not listing those on Ebay, I hope!
    Isn't it wonderful how treasured objects can evoke all kinds memories?
    My son went to Neuschwanstein and loved it, too. Maybe some day I will get to see it.

  10. Very pretty pieces! Look at the bottom of base or lid to see if there are any marks and I will try to determine what they are for you. Love the tv lamp. I finally got some of my grandmother's things and they are staying with me! Love you sis.


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