Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free to dream

With all the hype about the mega millions lottery on the news and the Internet, one just can't help but dream about 'what if'.
With that much money, even after taxes, this is what I would do with it.
First thing would be to buy a huge piece of horse property. I'm talking thousands of acres complete with barns, medical facility, etc... It would be a rescue facility for horses, donkeys and any other animal that needs a place to live the rest of their lives in peace.

And on the property there would be set aside property just for Mustangs. Our Mustangs are slowly becoming extinct due to greed and other factors. A gal by the name of Madeleine Pickens has a sanctuary just for the Mustangs. She is an incredible lady.

On the same piece of property, I would set up an exotic facility for unwanted, abused, etc.. wildlife for my dear friend Rachael   at whose passion is rescuing and rehabilitating  all animal life.  She is also an animal educator. She is crazy about Lions! And reptiles! 

After securing and outright buying the land, then it would be to pay off mortgages of everyone I know. Then they would never ever have to go through the loss of their homes.

Every animal shelter/rescue facility ( dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc...) would receive a truckload of food sent anonymously. Yeah, I know, there are thousands of animal shelters. But in those shelters are animals that need to eat which in turn helps the shelter financially at least for a short while.

After everything was settled, a huge party would be held. For those who couldn't drive to it, well, then they would be flown in! And in case you are wondering, you all would be invited! Now wouldn't that be fun!!!

There is so much more I would do.

Ah, the fun of it being free to dream big dreams!

What would you do if you won mega millions?

Until next time.................


  1. I'm with you there Cindy...I would pay off all my bill but some money in the bank for rainy days and the rest I would finance the new Master Plan for the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. Awwww wouldn't that be nice. Like you I can dream. it's not about keeping the money it's about helping as much as possible.

  2. Dreaming doesn't cost you a dime! I would live where it was warm year round and never hot. I would have my own hospital and staff and anyone would be welcomed there. Probably couldn't win enough to cover all that, but we are dreaming here, right?

  3. Before you said what you'd do with the money, I knew you'd be starting a RESCUE for all sorts of critters. Honey, if I ever come into some money, you'll get your RESCUE ;-) and one for me too on this side of the Mississippi. Tina, I'll be sending some to you too for your Donkey Sanctuary!

  4. I really hope you have a ticket! I can't think of anyone better to win than you Cindy. Wouldn't that be great!
    What would I do?.....well, make sure my family was $$$$secure and I would travel the world forever.
    Must go and get my ticket....

  5. We already said we'd buy a place up in the mountains, with at least 500 acres, and log houses for every member of the family who wanted to live there.
    I would run a rescue, and like you, give unwanted, used-up, abandoned animals a permanent place to call home.
    We can dream....

  6. Party at Cindy's, everybody!
    That first photo has to be Lexington, KY, aka Horse Heaven.

  7. Hey, I might just be one of those animals looking for a place to live out my life in peace! Especially if that place is in BFE country, with beautiful horses, donkeys, goats, chickens etc.

    Some of your party guests may never leave, lol! But you could always use a few helping hands, right?

  8. I agree with Flartus! Some of us might never want to leave, right? And I would be honored to help out in whatever way I could.

    If I won - steps would be the same - except you would come and help me :)

  9. Similar dream, but my huge farm would concentrate on OTTB's. I'd hire several bright young trainers, to work with the horses from the track, to get them ready for their new lives as riding horses.

    I'd hire a Director who actually cared about placing these horses in good homes. That would be easier, because I'd make sure that my Rehabilitation Farm had adequate perpetual funding so that it didn't have to depend on outside donations.

    My barn staff would consist of both experienced people from the track, who were familiar with race horses and their problems, and people from other disciplines, who would know how to prepare a horse to look and feel the best it could to attract its new owner.

    As for me, well, I'd be around to keep an eye on things, and to get my fill of petting those soft, velvet noses every day.

  10. I think I'd do exactly the same! Great minds think alike... :)


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