Saturday, January 1, 2011

By Summer.......

Sorry, no pics today. Have been up on one of the hills behind the house cutting down dead trees, cutting them into logs, rolling/throwing the logs down the hill, loading the logs up, driving to the house and then stack the wood.

Spent six hours up there! Just made some pancakes. Then a thought popped into my head.

If I keep this up, there might be a chance by this summer that I will be in really good shape. To be more specific, to drop some weight and tone up. The thought of days long gone came to mind.

 Remember that one year in your life where you just knew that that was the year you looked your absolute best? My year was when I was 23. That was almost 27 years ago! 

I know, I know, those hard body days are in the distant past never to be retrieved. After all, skin isn't what it used to be, certain parts on the body are, well, giving into gravity, etc....

Hmmmm, guess we will have to wait and see!

Creepy Guy update. Haven't seen him for awhile until this morning. As he walked past the pasture one of the donkeys  was standing by the fence. Creepy Guy turned his head and barked at the donkey and kept walking!

Mail lady update. I left both boxes of plastic bags along with a note stating I didn't realize she wanted her bag back and please accept both boxes. That way when I receive a package, she will already  have a plastic bag on hand!

Hope you all had a very safe and most wonderful start to the New Year.

Until next time.........................


  1. One summer Randy and his 16 yr old nephew worked hard cutting, splitting and stacking firewood for a month. By the end of the month they both were pretty buff! Its hard work!

    I remember being 23... I look back now and think I used to look great then! But of course then I didn't think so. Such is life!

  2. Thinking about what you're saying about hard body and all - look at the gal that won 100,000 for being the most popular on Survivor - she was way more than 50! She was one tough lady, said she really started to work out when she found out she was picked! So it must be possible. Wish I had the energy to try! You'll probably tone up really well!

    Keep that happy thought and stay warm!

  3. My year was the six weeks I was 21 before I got pregnant! I'll never see that again, but working on the farm does really help keep me in a at least a little bit of shape. Hope you're going to post a picture from the year you were 23, and we can all keep that vision in mind while we're reading about all your hard work.

  4. Girl, you are amazing, up there in the woods getting your own firewood. Be careful though. This Spring, show us your new body.

    In college, I wore 30 X 30 bluejeans, I'm never gonna come close to that again.

    You should ask around about creepy guy, ask postal lady and sheriff deputies, he may be harmless, but I'd want some feedback from others.

  5. You'll be fitter, all right. Just remember that your body will take longer to adjust to the physical stress, and don't over do it.

  6. I think my computer ate my comment, so this might/might not be a repeat.

    Who needs a health club when there's chores? You'll be buff in no time.

  7. 2011 will be a great year for you - I guarantee it:) Happy New Year!

  8. well, regardless of whether you'll be a hard body, you'll be healthier and stronger! so... did the mail lady take the bags?

  9. I love how you're always thinking positive! I often wonder how many calories I burn each day taking care of all of the critters. :)

  10. With that work you're doing, you will be in really good shape! Hey, if you can do it, you will see the difference in no time. Were you stiff at first? Using all those different muscles?
    Can't wait for the mail lady's reply to your 'kindness'!
    Had a very quiet New Year' let's get on with this 2011!

  11. I remember being 23, I just don't remember it very well! I used to burn wood, and at today's natural gas prices, I'm thinking of it again.


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