Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh how I missed......

Oh how I have missed going to the library. It has been months since I've been to one. As soon as we moved here to the new house I found out where the nearest library is. Today I finally went and as I walked around it was grab this book and that one and that one and so on. By the time I was done my arms were full and I had to realize that I didn't have to check them out all at once so I put some back. 
The prison books were mentioned from Joanna over at
My goodness I don't know what I would do without books!
Until next time.................


  1. How far is it to the library? Glad you found it! Wow, 6 books, we probably won't hear from you once you get into them!

  2. Life is finally/really getting back to "normal" - good for you! You so deserve it.

  3. Yep, the library's real important to me too.

  4. Went to the library yesterday and had a hard time picking out just the right book. I love the library, the smell of all those books is good.
    Have you ever read the book "The Help".. Wonderful book and forget cleaning the house, cooking or anything else.. this book will keep you in the chair reading until the last page.
    ta ta for now from Iowa...


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