Sunday, January 30, 2011

A stranger, a goat, a critter and a tree

The other day I was outside just enjoying the view when I noticed two of our cats chasing something. A quick run to where the cats were, I see this little guy scurrying and trying to hide from the cats. Another quick run to grab a bucket then back to the scene. After doing the 'kick away' dance to the cats, I finally convinced this little guy to go into the bucket. 
Once inside the bucket I put some shavings in the bottom, placed it inside one of the recycle containers until I could drive him up onto one of the hills behind the house. 
After about an hour or so I opened the lid to see the little guy had jumped out of the bucket. So, caught him again, put him back into the bucket, placed a lid on the bucket and drove him up on the hill and released him. 
Nature will do what nature does when it comes to cats and what they catch, but I don't want to see it or hear it. Yup, I will intervene in situations like this. When I do find dead little critters or birds I drive them on to the hill and feed the wildlife up there. Would much rather do that than let the little bodies decompose close to the house where the smell might attract larger wildlife.

While up on the hill gathering more wood I saw this old gnarled tree. The trunk and branches were all twisted. I thought it was interesting.

Same tree just different side.

The other day my oldest daughter came out to bring some hay and as she pulled into the driveway an older red pickup with a canopy pulled in right behind her. A Mexican who spoke very little English pointed at Oreo goat ( pic above) and said he wanted that goat. She said no. He pointed again and said he wanted that goat. She again said no. The she told him that our goats are out pets and they are old. He said that goats are good to eat until they are 14 years old! She again said, NO! Then she notices that there is a big old goat wandering around in the back of his pickup. The guy finally left without any of my goats.
I have since put chain and locks on all the gates. Not taking any chances with any of my animals.  

Sugar Dog thinking she can blend in with the chickens! Watch out Sugar, Stew Pot ( the rooster) isn't looking to thrilled to have you standing there.

Sorry for not posting the last few days. Internet has been running slow.

Now time to catch up with all of you!

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  1. That's so scary with that guy. I'm grateful for my long road -- only a couple of times in all these years have strangers come up to my house. Stay safe. -- Inger

  2. Is that a mole or a mouse ?
    I have the same soft heart, I would rather take the time to return it to nature, than to see it hurt.
    Aesome tree picture !
    You are correct in locking up your gates, I hope the fellow understood he was NOT for sale.
    Sugar Dog and chickens, now there's a happy bunch :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend !

  3. Gosh ! that tree is amazing-it does not look real-how kind hearted of you to rescue that mouse!

  4. So glad you were able to catch the little guy and re-home him!

    That tree is just gorgeous! It's like a sculpture!

    Humph! Better really keep an eye on your goats! He sure sounds like he wanted her!

    Love the name of your rooster!!!

  5. Glad you got the little critter to a safe place. Cats aren't native to this country so I figure saving the natives is the right thing to do.

    I'm glad that you're chaining and locking your gates. After what has been happening in Florida, with horses disappearing, and probably eaten, you can't be to cautious.

    The second shot of that tree is so unusual, with the color of the tree itself contrasted with the lichens. I wonder what kind of tree it was?

  6. what is the critter you saved in the first photo? is it a hedgehog? regardless, you are a saint to save it, I would do the same thing.
    Glad you put locks on your gate. What is wrong with some people?! they can only think with their stomachs! sheesh....

  7. Love those tree shots Cindy! That tree would burn nice and long I would think....but probably hard as rock!
    I tell we think alike....I have taken numerous mice 'down the road' to release them after they had tried their darnedest to 'settle' in the house!
    Yes, watch for that 'stranger', he sounded hungry!

  8. I love the rooster's name (Stew Pot) Maybe I'll adopt that for myself.

  9. I have a lot of people who want to buy my goats for dinner. I just can't sell straight to table. I know that will happen with many of the kids I sell, but I like to be removed and pretend they all find forever farms and get to live long happy lives making babies. That tree is just amazing!

  10. Like Louise I love the second shot of the tree. It really is a piece of art--reminds me of some of the Japanese type paintings you see. As for the guy about the goat. I'd be on my toes too. Stuff like that sure makes a person leery. I keep my yard gates locked too, as well as have a gate across my driveway (not locked). If someone really wanted in they could do it, I'm sure but at least it'll slow them down and hopefully draw attention.
    Take care,

  11. I do the same thing with little varmints the cats find. I'm beginning to think you and I are kindred spirits, Cindy! That knarly tree is so cool! Oh, thank goodness you put locks on all the gates. How horrible to think someone might consider making a meal out of one of your pets!

  12. a mouse? glad you relocated him. I hope the stranger is long gone.

  13. trees in Sedona, AZ grow that way.... pretty cool!

  14. Wow... even with the locks... keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to the dogs. They'll use bolt cutters. I've seen this before - around the Redding, CA regions. He's looking for meat to feed the family. Probably out of work and running dry.

  15. Ewwww, no 'Oreo Cookies' (sorry, it was the first thing that came into my head). I'm so glad you locked the gates. I hadn't thought about how the sucky economy might impact safety of our farm animals.
    The tree is beautiful. Your picture is so colorful you could make a poster out of it and sell it.
    It looks like the little critter was a vole. They are 'gosh darn cute' but wreck havoc on your plants. Good thing you rehomed him - what a wonderful heart you have :-)

  16. The nerve of that guy saying he wanted your prized off! That tree is Really like the colour and movement.

  17. that mouse would have been dead meat if I was around!

  18. That tree is gorgeous. I would freak if someone came here wanting to eat one of our critters!


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