Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blind sided

Just when things were starting to fall into a routine, we got blind sided on Sunday. One of those heart stopping, knocked down, shocking moments.

My 27 year old daughter who still lives at home was complaining of being constipated Saturday night so I told her to take some mineral oil. Hey, if it works for a horse and donkey when they are colicking, it would work for her. Throughout Saturday night she kept complaining about her stomach hurting. Well, if you haven't done your 'business' in three days, then yes, your stomach is going to hurt.

Sunday morning she was still in pain and said she still hadn't done her 'business'. I rummaged around the animal medicine cabinet and found some laxatives. Gave her some and then asked if she needed to go to the hospital. She flatly said no to hospital.

A few hours later she went into the bathroom and the next thing I hear is her screaming for me. I ran in, she was sitting on the toilet and she informed me that something was coming out of her female area. When I looked my first thought was her female parts were coming out. Then in the same thought I knew what was happening.

She moved slightly and in an instant a baby fell into the toilet! Yes, a baby!!

I yelled at her to get on the floor, reached in a grabbed the baby ( who wasn't moving at all), turned  the baby on the side and starting cleaning the nose and mouth area and yelling for hubby to call 911. 

The 911 operator walked us through what to do.  Hubby brought me a shoestring to tie off the umbilical cord. Thankfully a bath towel was hanging within reach so wrapped the baby up.  The next thing we knew 5 or 6 paramedics were in the bathroom. The Calvary had arrived!!!

Not much can get me into a state of shock, but after the Calvary arrived, that is exactly what happened. 

They were taken to the hospital. I made phone calls letting a few people know. My oldest and youngest daughter went into hysterics when I told them.

Off to the hospital we went. Both daughter and baby are fine.

When daughter was questioned about whether she knew she was pregnant or not, she claims she did not know. However, I have serious doubts about that!

In answer to your question, no, I did not know. I suspected it while we were moving into this house, but she assured me she wasn't, that she had gained weight. She has always had a problem with her weight.

So, within a few short hours, we became Grandparents to...........

Gracelynn Kay

Not only did I get to be there for her birth, my daughter let me name her Grace. Because if it wasn't for the grace of God, the Angels and the Universe, Grace wouldn't be here with us.

And now the house has gone from a house where there were no children anything items to a house that has filled up with baby items thanks to the kindness and support of the community, paramedics, firefighters, friends and of course family. 

Both daughter and Grace are back home and we are having to settle in to a whole new life. The dogs and cats have reacted very well to a new addition. Well, I did set them down one by one and explained what happened so they wouldn't be shocked when Grace came home. 

My oldest and youngest daughter still are angry and refuse to come out to the house. They assured me they are not angry with the baby, but at their sister for not fessing up she was pregnant and putting Grace into danger for 9 months with no prenatal care, smoking throughout the pregnancy and not eating healthy. I do have to agree with them to a point about the disregard for Grace while in the womb. But now it is after the fact. Grace is a healthy baby and right now that is all that is important.

It may take me awhile to catch up with all of you. This may sound strange, but I have missed you and keeping up with what is going on in your lives. 

Until next time............................... 


  1. I had to go back a couple of times to make sure which bloig I was reading. 1) I didn't know you had a husband, I've never heard you talk about a husband. 2) did you ever explain the facts of life to your daughter? :-) Welcome to the world Gracie. Her delivery will always be a story to tell.

  2. Gracelynn Kay is beautiful, and I think that Grace is the perfect name for a youngster who came into the world as dramatically as she did. I wish I was near enough to give you a hug, because I can only imagine what a shock all of this has been to you.

    To become a new Grandmother in such a dramatic fashion must have really knocked you on your heels. I have to say that I admire the fact that you were so strong through all of this.

    So, welcome, Miss Gracelynn Kay. May your life not be filled with quite so much drama as your birth was.

  3. How wonderful ! I`am glad she arrived safely and is doing well !well done grandma ?

  4. OMG!!! I"m so glad all is well. She is too cute. I'm sure it's a big adjustment for everyone. Thank you for sharing you good news with us.

  5. OMG are you serious? WOW....not sure what to say....except Congratulations lol....I am in shock, I can only imagine your state of mine. Glad everybody is ok. She is beautiful.

  6. Oh. My. Goat. Congrats! She is sooo cute! I don't like how babies look usually, but she is so, very cute! My goats just had babies. Come visit them!


  7. OK...I am with Joanna on this one!! Pretty shocking, but in my life....Hell...just another chapter to the book I say! SO VERY Glad that your granddaughter is well and I am very very sure, your going to be one Strong and Dominant Woman in your little granddaughters eyes.
    I know from experience about shockers, as my eldest son called me one day about 9 years ago and said "Mom...are you sitting down?" Seems he dated a wonderful girl for about a month and he was totally totally in LOVE...some nine months earlier. They parted after that one solid month and never saw each other again. A call out of the blue from the old girlfriend and she had decided to put the child up for adoption but had a second thought and finally told him she had just had a baby girl. Well our world was topsy turvey for a few months, but in the end...the strangest thing happened!! That old girlfriend who called and talked with my son?? Well she/they decided they would get together and my Son who really really wanted to keep the child said, "Let's work this out"! Which they did and within 6 months the two were married and have been very Happily married for 9 years now. I LOVE my daughter-in-law with all my heart and she is the woman of my sons dreams.
    The one who stole all our hearts was that little sweet baby doll that came into our She still runs the show!!!

  8. Well suprise! and congradulations. Life is filled with all sorts of suprises and this is a good one that you can tell the story about for ever. I'm happy that everyone is doing well.

  9. Wow..just wow. If not for Grandma I doubt little Grace would even be here. You surely done good. Sounds like your daughter was in epic denial. I was like Joanne though and went back and made sure I was reading the right blog---the hubby part threw me too. :-) We had a neighbor girl years back do the same thing. To her credit though she was only 14 or 15 and was a large girl anyway. She birthed it right in bed with no one around, and later called out to her mum and dad. I'm so glad Grace is okay, it didn't sound good to start with, but she looks great!

  10. Okay........... I had to check the blog again too! I didn't know you had a husband either! How could she not know she was pregnant? Babies move, kick, and make your tummy swell! Well, now, Granny - I'm sure you are tickled to death and the baby is beautiful - a lot of it due to no drugs for the delivery and no forceps and her marvelous genetics (at least on the Mother's side of the family)!

    This is going to make some major changes, right?


  11. Darlin'... Angels have been around... that's about the best I can come up with for the reason why all this has turned out as well as it has. At this point - if you wanted to use... ahem... EVERY means necessary to make her walk a chalkline - I'd say she's given you just about every reason possible! If I were you - I'd spare no second thought! Good luck and know you have support when you need to vent!

  12. I'm so glad that everyone is doing well and that Gracelynn Kay is healthy and loved. Congrats on being a grandmother. It rocks!

  13. This very same thing happened with my neice, who also lived at home with her parents. She KNEW she was pregnant but chose not to tell anyone. She was a heavy girl. Gave birth at home in the bathtub alone. Called my Mother-in-law, who handled the situation much the same as you. MIL then had to drive about 50 miles to the lake house to deliver the news to the new, unsuspecting grandparents. Her opening statement was, "You better sit down for this". All turned out well and the "baby" is now a freshman in college.

    Strangely, this is a more common occurance than one might think.
    Enjoy the grandbaby.

  14. I had to read that twice just to see if you would put "just fooling!" on your story. I'm glad everyone is healthy!

    Tell your other girls that long before all this health knowledge, babies were born just fine to mothers who smoked, drank and ate badly. We just know better now.

    Congratulations Grandma!

  15. Holy Dooley!! Congrats to you all!! What An entrance! I have heard of similar stories of ladies not knowing they are pregnant. A friend of mine did not know until she was 20 weeks and only because she went to the DR to find out why she was feeling so ill all the time!! I hope you are all setteling in well together, georgeous photo of Grace!!

  16. My goodness! My lady is glad that everything has turned out well for little Grace and that her mom is healthy, all things considered.

  17. Oh my, what a story! Never a dull moment at your house, is there? Baby Grace (and your daughter) are so fortunate that you were able to help with the delivery. Thank goodness everyone is doing well. Congratulations, Grandma!

  18. OMG that is amazing. What a story to tell at Graces 21st. I hope you have regained your composure and are enjoying your new little baby.
    God bless her and keep her safe, Im sure he already has.

  19. Well THAT certainly woke us up out of our stupor!
    Cindy, congratulations for having your wits about you and saving your daughter and grand daughter! You must be still reeling!
    Take as much time as needed....forget us.....we are fine and hoping you all best at this time. A granddaughter!!! You guys must be flipping!! Oh yes, one thing only....PICTURES!!!

  20. As strange as it sounds, I took a CNA class with a woman who had three kids and never missed a period and had no clue she was pregnant until going into labor. Unusual, but not impossible, so I hope your other two do come around to meet their niece. It doesn't help anyone to be mad.

  21. Well, don't that beat all! That is the most amazing, scary, wonderful, heart stopping, 'on the edge of your seat' blog post I have read in ages. What an amazing roller coaster ride your family has been on since Sunday. I do know of other women who didn't know thy were pregnant - perhaps had a sneaky suspicion, but were able to justify the lack of periods, expanding waistline and the baby's movement.
    I think Gracelynn Kay is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Congratulations, Grandma!

  22. I'm with Joanna & Sharon...hubby? Where'd he come from, lol!

    But yes, Grace is absolutely the perfect name. And somehow I suspect your experience with animals helped you know what to do to get her life started right.

    May God's grace guide and protect you all--especially the new mom.

  23. oh my gosh, i'm stunned! but, i'm happy grace is safe and warm. wow, did life just shift for you or what? whoa.

  24. Oh my word! I am so glad your daughter and your grandbaby are OK. She is adorable. You are an amazing woman, Cindi. Thank goodness you knew what to do and did it. That must have been so scary for both you and your daughter. (((hugs)))

  25. What an awesome Grandma!
    I suspect that there is going to be a VERY special bond between you and Gracelynn.

  26. Congrats...word is out..if you need some snuggles I'm available...all you need to do is ask! Cheers yeah for Gracelynn!!!!




  28. Great to see Grace's picture...she is truly beautiful and seems so at peace even after her dramatic arrival into this world. All the best for the weeks to come and I know J & H will come around and forgive their sister. I am surprised even they didn't notice anything though.--Inger

  29. Wow! How incredible! Glad mom and babe are okay.

  30. oh wow, thank heavens you were there. i don't blame the sisters for being upset. my parents smoked like demons and i have abnormally small vessels leading to my lungs. i hope she will not smoke near Grace. i hope she will learn and be thankful having you as a mom. you have your hands full that is for sure.

  31. Congratulations Cindi, Daughter and welcome to Grace. Your gonna be an awesome Grandma. I can see Grace riding horses and feeding chooks before she's out of nappies.

    Tell the other Girls to get over it, Grace is the one everyone needs to think of now. Enjoy being a Grandmother it's the best thing in the world.


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