Monday, December 6, 2010

Wildlife count update

With each day comes a new sighting of the wildlife here.
Day before yesterday I startled a fox on one of the hills behind the house. Yes, I had my camera but by the time I got it out, turned it on and aimed, well, the fox bounded away. He/she sure was a pretty little thing.
Late yesterday afternoon there was an odd type of squawking sound. After looking around and not finding the source I figured oh well. Just about then movement in a tree caught my attention. There, up in a tree, were a bunch of Quail. If you look close you can sort of see them. There must have been a dozen or so.
The buck came down for a visit the other morning. And there have been two more Bobby the Bobcat sightings.
Oh, and the smell of skunk hung in the air for a little bit the other night. It wasn't close to the house which is a good thing.  If there is one smell on this planet that will make me gag, it is the smell of a skunk. Yup, I gag everytime. 
Haven't seen a raccoon or a possum yet, but not saying they aren't out there. 
Arnold isn't any worse this morning which is a good thing. At the old house the stall barn was up which made it easy to stall a horse or donkey who wasn't feeling well. Here there is not much for them except a portable stall with a tarp for covering. I have to drive into town today so will pick up some pine shavings in case I do have to bring Arnold here to the house. 
Who knows what other wildlife I will see!!! Now if only I can take pics at the speed of light!! 
Until next time....................


  1. Glad Arnold is holding his own. How lucky to be so close to all that wildlife (as long as they don't snack on your animals)!

  2. If only we had a record button in our eyes, so we could show what we see, without those cumbersome cameras! I miss lots of shots too, just too slow!

    Glad Arnold is not worse, I hope it's nothing drastic...

  3. Always, always be on guard for a perfect picture AJ. Oh I know it's easy to say. All those critters what fun I'd have......;-)

  4. You have great wildlife! It will be fun reading what you see.
    I hope Arnold improves soon.


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