Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Notes to self

1. Empty and rinse the steam cleaner dirty water right away. Do not let sit overnight then empty it! Peeeeuuuuuu!!

2. When Internet is working, get everything done asap because you just never know when the satellite Internet provider will go down again.

3. When leaving the house to go to town, remember to put a log or two in the wood stove otherwise by the time you get back, the fire has gone out!

4. Has learned that the new mail lady wants everything by the book. Um, okay, she wants it by the book, well, okee dokee then. By the book it is!

5. When the dog whines to go out in the middle of the night, don't roll over and go back to sleep! Take the dog out no matter how tired you are.

6. Before taking the dogs outside, look for creepy guy who walks down the road talking to himself. Otherwise creepy guy tells the dogs that he will fight to the death as he growls at them!

7. Don't wear slippers outside at night and walk out of the light. There's animal poo just waiting to be stepped in!

8. Keep log of 'notes to self' so as to remember them all.

9.  When talking on the phone, find a spot where the reception is good and stay there!

 Until next time.............


  1. Wow...adventures in country living! At least you remembered to put you slippers on before stepping outside--ick!

    Oh, and...we learned the same lesson about paying attention to dog whines in the middle of the night. Even if it turns out she just wants a super-early breakfast, it's still worth getting out of bed.

  2. Now that's a LIST! I guess I might be found under #7...sorry! ;-) ;-)

  3. no7 is the reason I wear slippers- I seem to remember stepping on the remains of a mouse once while answering a call of nature half asleep in the middle of the night !

  4. Now to remember them! Sounds like you are settling right in!

  5. Good "Notes to self" I should copy it and then memorize it!

    Who is your provider for internet? Just drop the name on any of my posts.... Snow/rain/ etc coming in, I may not have service tomorrow, no tv either.

    Country living... Sigh....

  6. Oh my!
    I have a fuzzy idea of where you are - somewhere in Oregon. I hope you are far far away from where the tornado was.

  7. I second that dog in the night whine. A guy walking in the dark -- is that for real?--Inger

  8. Sounds like things have been, ah, interesting, as you settle in to your new life! :-) We've had some new folks move around in here the last year, and they are different to say the least. (the man who 'walks'--of course never on a leash-- his dog and then suddenly bolts into a dead run is a bit unnerving, especially when the rest of the time he acts like he can barely walk....). If you have any green wood, tossing a stick in before you head into town will help 'hold' the fire til you get back, and shouldn't be too bad to build up creosote. (you can get some sticks you toss in every few weeks that burn and help keep the creosote from building up and causing a flue fire). Hope that Arnold is improving.

  9. Always keep a hard copy, just in case the power goes out for a bit.

  10. 10. get a doggie door and fence-in that area around it.

  11. Oh, that guy sounds very creepy. I thought maybe you had to put shoes on in case him came towards you.

  12. Lots and lots of changes! All things considered, it sounds like you're doing great. I'm so happy that all is well for you.

  13. Hahaha...Ahhhh this was super good! I guess I should start lists like these. It would help.
    A LOT;)

  14. Hah! I like the idea of lots of notes. It's the only way to remember everything.


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