Sunday, December 12, 2010

One of my Treasures

Since it is the Christmas season it was time to bring out one of my most prized treasures.

This reindeer ornament belonged to my Grandmother. She gave it to me when I was a kid in the 1960's. For quite a few years I would hang the reindeer on the very front of the tree. Then as I got older I didn't want to take a chance of it getting broke. So, now it is wrapped up in foam, tissue paper inside a crush proof container. I only look take it out once a year only to look at it, never to hang or display again. Have had it this long without it getting broke so am taking no chances with it.

It is hand blown mercury glass made in Germany. My best age guess would be between the 1920's to no later than the 1940's.

I am finding out that living further out in the country that the Internet has its good days and its bad ones. Yesterday it went down and didn't come back on until just a little bit ago.

Arnold has laminits. Not doubt about it! So, I cleaned out the inside of what was the original dog kennels here ( there is a room connected to the kennels themselves which is now the sick room), putting stall mats down and putting pine shavings down, I now have a medical/sick area for the horses and donkeys. Now I can sleep better at night knowing there is an area where I can put whoever is not feeling well.

And with some detective work I located a local feed and farm store. It is only about ten minutes away which beats 30 minutes or longer driving into town. That was a highlight in my day.

No new wildlife sightings. I keep trying to get a pic of Bobby the Bobcat, but not such luck yet.

Hopefully the Internet will still be working tomorrow. 

Until next time....................


  1. I love your reindeer, it's so pretty, no wonder you don't want it on the tree where someone could damage it! Ever thought of having it mounted in a glass (or clear plastic) dome, so you can keep it safe and still get to see it more often?

    Poor Arnold, I hope he gets better soon in his new hospital area!

    What kind of internet did you get? I know that mine is not reliable, but what can a person do?

    Have a great afternoon!

  2. Its beautiful ! I can see why you treasure it ! then add the memories attached to it - I understand why you are so careful with it !x

  3. That glass reindeer is beautiful!!! Have never seen any like that. Yes, protect and keep it safe.
    Have a great day.

  4. Great that you created a sick bay for your critters. I hope Arnold gets better soon. And the reindeer is wonderful. Isn't it nice to remember those who were important to us by these little things?--Inger

  5. I'm so sorry about Arnold, and poor you too. I know he's in good hands, but I know you'll worry.
    Your reindeer is a treasure. It is unique, and so special that your grandmother gave it to you.

  6. I can see why you cherish that ornament. :) Hugs to Arnold!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Arnold. Maybe all of the sadness he has been experiencing is because he has been hurting. Poor, little guy. Maybe now that he is closer and in a nice comfy area he'll begin to feel better.
    I love your 'treasure'! It is exquisite!


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