Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creepy Guy

This morning while I was heading to the pasture to feed, water and check blankets I saw Creepy Guy walking on the other side of the road.

The temperature was 37 degrees and he wasn't wearing his shirt. He was carrying his shirt and talking to himself very loudly.

Thankfully I left the dogs inside the house otherwise they would have started barking and he would have started growling and yelling at them. 

To be honest I am not sure if he is mentally handicapped or is an alcoholic/druggie. So, until I know what his story is you can bet I will keep my distance.  I know if I am out in the pasture with the horses and donkeys there is never a worry about a stranger getting too close to me. The donkeys are very protective. And if the dogs are with me, well, Honey Dog especially, will defend me. Not that I really need protection because I really can hold my own, but it is nice to know my back is covered!

I'm sure sometime down the line his story will be told. And as soon as I find out, you will too! 

Oh, one more note to self:  Before picking up water hose, look for chicken poo on it! Especially if your aren't wearing gloves!!

Until next time................


  1. Ooh, he has to be freezing !
    I would say he's mentally impaired, I wonder if he has family close by ?
    Keep the dogs close, at least until you know more about his background..

  2. We had a Creepy Guy at the last place we lived. He went barefoot year round, went through our trash, and talked to himself. But he was really a decent guy, just confused. He loved animals.

  3. My neighbor had Alzheimer's and did some pretty wild stuff, like watering someone's flowers with his pants opened.

    You might inquire around - he maybe got away from his care giver.

  4. I would have guessed that you would be kind enough to not make a final judgment until you knew his story. And, I would have been right. Here's hoping that he's confused, and harmless.

  5. This has the potential to be a great storyline, like Ugly Naked Guy on friends. You certainly do want to find out if he's weird or psychotic.

  6. yeah, most likely schizophrenic. he'll also most likely be totally harmless. just the fact he is disconnected to his body and talks loudly to himself tells a lot. he is probably responding to internal stimuli. i worked at a psych hospital as a therapist for 8 years and he does fit the bill. he may be agressive verbally but you may be surprised also if you actually try and talk to him he may respond positively. some of these folks yell a lot while by themselves cause they are yelling at voices in their head. he could also be drinking and using drugs to "self medicate". but, there is also the possibility he is simply a mean alcoholic. how about give him a pie and wish him a merry christmas? it might blow him out of the water, you might get a smile and then feel much more comfortable!

  7. I think you can call the local police and ask for a "check welfare". They would do a drive over and make sure this fellow was OK and probably take him for a psych check and get him warm.

  8. I'm glad you feel safe there. I would use him as a way to meet the neighbors! "Hi, I just noticed this guy walking around the area and wanted to make sure he was ok. Do you know anything about him?" I'll bet he's a local "celebrity."

  9. Oh, that's funny that you have names for everyone and everything... we do too. It's nice to know there are critters who have your back, isn't it? :)

  10. Hi AJ.

    There used to be a fellow that walked along side the roads about an hour from where I used to live. I think he may have even walked and/or sat in the ditch. He had full facial hair and a very, very long dreadlock-almost to the ground. He was disheveled and kept to himself. He was a young man and I didn't know his story until years later. He had lost his family in a fire and it was too much for him. :( Poor guy. I've not been down that way in some time so I don't know whatever became of him. Hopefully your Creepy Guy doesn't have such a sad story!


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