Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arnold Update

My farrier came out this morning to look at Arnold. And to trim other donkey feet. I told him what I suspected what was wrong with Arnold, either laminitis or abscess. After checking and trimming his feet he came up with the same conclusion. It is one or the other. Now that Arnold has been trimmed, if it is an abscess, then it should blow out in a few days. 
So, being on the cautious side I have started a sugar and betadine solution on his feet to help with the abscess if in fact there is one. As for if it is laminitis, well, a schedule of anti inflammatory medicine and strict diet. And that means he has to come closer to the house ( in the breezeway) so I can monitor him. I have also noticed that Arnold has been sad which also concerns me. So I have been making it a point to spend time with just him throughout the day which seems to brighten his spirits up. 
I know as soon as we all get into a regular routine like we had at the other house, he will feel better. With him having such a rough life before we got him, maybe moving to a new place he has anxiety now for fear of what has happened to him in the past and that it might happen again. 

I get up before the sun rises to start the day. This morning on my way to let the chickens out there was Mother Nature showing a beautiful sunrise.

Another pic of the sunrise.

Mother Nature sure does know what she is doing when it comes to beauty.

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  1. Aw, poor Arnold, yes, I am sure he is anxious about the move and having a foot problem is probably compounding his anxiety. Next hug, tell him an old lady sends her love.

    Beautiful sunrise! Not sleeping in, does have it's rewards!

  2. Oh Arnold, I so hope it's an abscess - painful but over quickly. I'm rooting for you, buddy.
    The sunrise pictures are gorgeous. That's the good part of our long hours - pretty sunrises and pretty stars.

  3. Give Arnold a big hug from me, made me cry to read your entry today. One can only imagine what goes on in an animals head, and they can't say what's wrong. I also feel so sad for our four minis that came back today, every move and change is such an upheaval for them. Hope Arnold is better soon.

  4. Mother Nature is the expert!
    Poor Arnold, can't wait for him to feel better!
    Fantastic sunrise shots.

  5. ahh ! poor Arnold hope he feels better soon ! sounds like he`s in excellent hands -beautiful sunrise !

  6. He looks so sad ;(
    I do hope whatever is causing him the discomfort is quickly healed, and being closer to you, should indeed afford him a little special 'me time'.
    What a gorgeous view !

  7. Not a lot of people recognize how important the emotional well-being of an animal is. Arnold is very lucky to have someone who cares so much about him and is giving him such good care.

  8. i am crossing my fingers that it's an abscess!! oh, gosh, i hope that's what it is. i think he'll settle in to his new surroundings soon also and hope that helps his spirits. hang in there. i know it's tough having a sick or hurt animal. you're sure doing him good, though.

  9. Poor Arnold. He does look rather sad. Maybe some carrot coins would perk him up? Hope he gets better very soon.

    What gorgeous views Mother Nature provides for your morning trek to the chicken coop!


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