Monday, December 20, 2010

Learning to be a lumberjack

As most of you know our only source of heat is a wood stove. And with a wood stove it has to have wood. After having two cords of wood delivered, it was a no brainer to utilize what is available on the property here. There are quite a few dead, downed trees perfect for burning.
Here is the first of many logs we hauled up from one side of the hill behind us. Thank goodness for the winch. Without that, we would have been trudging up the side of the hill carrying sections of it.

The trusty chainsaw nicknamed Mighty Might. Having a small chainsaw has its advantages. It is easy to carry and easy to use.

All weekend it rained. Snowed every now and then. Wind was blowin'. And cold.  And we were in it!  As you can see, my raincoat is downright filthy.
Log after log was hauled up on to the road behind the barn. Section after section was cut, loaded up in to the back of the Gator, driven down to the house, stacked up and back up the hill for more.
I learned how to set a choker. Which is taking the winch line with a huge clasp down to the log you want to haul up, wrapping the line twice around the log, hooking the clasp on to the line, and then walking back up the hill to winch the log up. Once the log is up, then it is unhooking the line and the sawing begins.

This is just part of the wood that was brought down from the one hill behind the house. There is still a lot of downed trees to be retrieved. Not only will all that dead wood heat the house, it will also be cleaned up from the property so there won't be as much fuel for wildfires if and when they happen here.

I have a new respect for the hard work a lumberjack does. They really do bust their butt's on the job. Although instead of cutting live trees like lumberjacks do, only the dead ones will be taken and used here.

Oh, and while I was up on the hill, Creepy Guy was seen walking down the road yelling at every car that drove by.

Don't be surprised if my next post is a rant. There are several subjects that have riled me up again.

One more thing, Arnold is doing great! Which has me relieved. The thought of any of the critters here not feeling good really worries me.

Until next time..............


  1. WOW !Thats an impressive stack of logs ! we have a log burner and boy do they throw the heat out- surprising how much logs you get through though-its a never ending job-!

  2. That's great that you can utilize the dead wood on the property, I know it's not free - you work your butts off getting it usable! But better on the pocket than buying it.

    Glad Arnold is doing better!

    Never found out what the deal is with Creepy Guy? He obviously has issues!

  3. Went out this morning to fill up my bird feeders and I heard our neighbor 1/4 mile West of the house with his chain saw buzzing away. They have a wood burning stove in their house and I'm sure he was out getting some logs cut to put into the big pile that is in their back yard.
    Suppose to get 5 inches of snow today... It's blowing so hard I can't see the road..
    ta ta for now...from Iowa.

  4. Oh I feel for you my friend it takes lots of hard back braking work to cut, haul, chop and stack all that wood. Just keep going you going to go burn through it so fast, and later it going to be to cold to do it.
    Good luck.

  5. Ooo! puff puff! That's me being sympathetic to all of your logging work! My lady used to heat with wood and cut and carry wood down from her hill in a backpack. She was NUTS. ha ha! She told me that if she heated with wood now she'd haul wood on a skid with ME pulling it. Humph.

  6. Glad to hear Arnold is doing better! I know what you mean about when one of the critters is sick, it just casts a shadow on things. Great job on the wood! I've found out that 'chain-sawing' is allot harder work than it looks. I buy most of my wood (have a great honest wood cutter/stacker), but when trees go down on the place they don't go to waste either and end up in the wood pile here. It's exhausting work, but very satisfying to see things getting cleaned up and put to good use.
    Take care!

  7. Mike thinks the Stihl saw is the best brand. Great news to hear Arnold is doing better, thank goodness. I fret so badly over my animals, everybody's animals. If you're gonna be hiking in the woods, retrieving wood, those microspikes would give you lots more confindence about your footing. I broke and ankle, don't go there!

  8. AJ
    you never stop!
    u doing ok sweetie?
    Christmas not a good time for you?

  9. My dad always said wood heat warmed you three times: once when you cut it, once when you corded it and once when you burned it. It is a lot of work! So glad Arnold is doing better.

  10. I'm sore just READING about it! You should never run out of wood with all the 'fallen' stuff around. Arnold is better.....good! He must have responded well to being nearer to you.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Wow! You made a lot of logs out of the downed trees!
    I'm so glad Arnold is doing better.

  12. This was a chore I used to help Dad with sometimes...only he had a big red tractor with a high-sided trailer, and two kids to help toss logs!

    He always kept me away from the chainsaw for safety reasons, but I'm wondering if it's time for me to get my own. We've had a couple of felled saplings next to the house since July that are too big for the loppers to cut down into firewood. (Feel free to come get them for yourself, lol!)

  13. I'm impressed! Chain saws have always scared me to pieces. I think it's wonderful that you have become so self-sufficient.

  14. We sawed up some trees in 2003 after a hurricane and I can vouch that lumberjacks are mighty strong peeps. You are lucky to have all that dead stuff for heat purposes. Now that weird guy needs to find a new place to about a scarecrow....or...meeeeee...hahaha The Sophster! ;-)

  15. You're working hard!!! I'm soooo glad that Arnold is well. That's a huge relief.


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