Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning as I was getting ready to start the day, the light bulb went off in my head. We have lived here for several weeks now adjusting to new surroundings, routines, etc. It dawned on me that I have been sort of living in a daze for awhile with all the new changes. Funny how we can get through each day, but not really being 'there' in mind.  You know, just doing what needs and has to be done.

Ever since we moved in, Ruby, photo above, has wanted to stay in the house. Nothing unusual about that except Ruby is 15 years old and has never once wanted to be in the house. She has been an outside cat all of her life until now. Hmmm, wonder why all of a sudden she wants to be an indoor kitty. On top of that, she uses the kitty boxes like she has been using them all her life. She sleeps with me at night, along with her brother Mr. Smith ( who has always enjoyed being in the house).  He is the orange cat pictured below. No, he doesn't normally look like that. I woke him up when this pic was taken.

Yup, lots of changes.  

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  1. You sure worked hard getting things in order at the new place, it can put you on auto-pilot.

    Ruby is getting on in age and maybe her bones just want your bed. Could be too, that she can smell that Bobby the Bob Cat has been around and wants no part of it. Our Yoda Cat became an indoor cat when she started to lose her vision, around the same age, and she had been mostly an outdoor cat too. Seems you caught Mr. Smith at just the worst moment - but I bet he could care less. LOL!

    I'm sure it's nice, that things are settling in!

  2. Aww! Mr.Smith. Life is so tough!
    Ruby just needs more time 'to adjust' to the changes. A cat's perogitive!

  3. do anyone actually butter cats paws anymore when they move home???

  4. I know, you have been in sort of "survival mode" it will take you and the critters awhile to get adjusted.

  5. Change is hard on animals, too. I bet she just wants a little reassuring that she's secure and staying with you.

  6. hehehe love the photo of Mr Smith! Hope all is going well with the changes/settling in. Must be getting on the cooler side for you now. We are after some wet cool weather finally warming up to our normal Humid Christmas weather! If i don't get to comment again before the day MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-)

  7. aw, how cool! love it that all of a sudden they have discovered the comforts of inside home! ha ha.

  8. Was Mr. Smith just about to yawn? So cute. I am sure I look the same when I wake up:))


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