Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moving more critters

Moving chickens turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Here is the chicken house before being put together.

Chicken house just about ready for them.
Want to know how all the chickens came over at once? Not having enough carriers for them all, the only alternative I had was to load them up in the horse trailer! Sorry, no pic of that. But just imagine 15 chickens being caught and loaded up in the trailer. Let's just say that they were all very upset. Roosters crowed all the way to the new house. Talk about some strange looks driving through the small town of Jacksonville. A horse trailer that is crowing!

After a few days of being here all the chickens settled in quite nicely. I opened the curtains one morning to see a hen perched on the wood pile in front of one of the big windows looking in.

In fact they have all settled so nicely that every morning when I let them out of their house, they make a beeline for the front steps. Not sure why they do it, but it's okay since they eat bugs.

Little Inger really seems to enjoy the new house. The other day she scared me. I couldn't find her and began to panic. I hollered and hollered for her. Nothing. Then I walked into the hen house just as she was coming out of one of the cat carriers ( for them to lay their eggs in). She started 'talking' to me asking me what I was so upset about. After all, she had been there the whole time!

Update on the sightings of Bobby the Bobcat. My youngest daughter came up with Bobby. I know, not very original. Anyway, yesterday as I was checking blankets, watering and checking the horses and donkeys I looked up to see Bobby way out in the pasture. He was just sitting there, then casually got up and walked back into the blackberry bushes. Of course I didn't have my camera with me. Note to self: bring camera all the time!

I was asked about if I am going to bring Patti Cake back. It's funny but I have thought about bringing her back home, but have decided for now that she is safe and happy where she is now. I may change my mind later on.

Betsy goat had to go back to the next door neighbor. On our last day at the old house I saw her in her old pen and I told her I was sorry I couldn't bring her. Believe me, if I could have brought her over her I would have. But taking her without permission would have been stealing and so it was not an option.

Tomorrow, another animal adventure moving chapter.

Until next time.........................


  1. Little Inger is the cutest! Looks like quite the character.
    Amazing how they are all settling in so quickly. Maybe not so amazing considering how much they must LOVE being with you!!

  2. In a couple of will feel as though you have ALWAYS lived there!!!
    more pics please

  3. Chickens, naturally debugging your wood pile, great idea to keep the bugs out of the house when bring in wood for the stove!

    Believe I would be under arrest as far as Betsy goat goes..... I hate that you had to leave her behind, but yah, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Glad things are settling in!

  4. Glad everything is going well! I'm sorry that you couldn't bring Betsy with you. She will miss your good care!

  5. I love the bee line to the front door. that is too cute!

  6. Seeing those chickens settle in must make you feel right at home. It must have been quite the adventure getting them all into the horse trailer!

  7. That would have been very funny to see/hear the trailer of chickens going by. So sorry you couldn't bring Betsy.

  8. I would have absolutely loved to see and hear that trailer going down the road! :)

  9. Love to see the updates of your move with the animals. I know how difficult it can be to round up so many, although I have not had to move livestock yet!

    I am sorry you couldn't bring Betsy goat with you. Did you try asking the current owners if you could have her? It didn't sound much like they cared about her anyway...


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