Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who is responsible?

Was watching the news this morning and saw a segment on this whole fast food and obesity blame game going on.

The woman being interviewed said she is suing McDonalds because it is their fault why her daughter is acting like a brat when she is told 'no' to eating at McDonalds because she wants the toy.

Okay, really? It's McDonalds fault why her daughter throws a temper tantrum when she is told 'no'? Really? 

Um, in my eyes it lays on the parent to raise their kids.  If the parent says no, and the kid acts up, well, teach the kid that no is no. That no amount of whining and crying and stomping their feet is going to change the fact that they are not getting their way.

Is it really the fast food places that have caused obesity? I think not. No one forces these people to eat there. It is a choice! Whatever happened to taking responsiblity for ones self and not blaming others. Geez.

I do believe I have ranted about this subject before, but after watching the whole blame game this morning riled me up again.

When I was working outside the home, putting in ten hour days and raising three kids by myself it was my responsibilty to cook dinner for them to teach them how to eat correctly. It was also my responsiblity to teach them manners. As well as if they did somthing that was not acceptable that there were consequences. On the other hand there was always a reward for a job well done.   Fast food was and is a treat to this day.

Okay, I suppose this is enough ranting.

I was actually going to post about something else, but this whole fast food drama changed my mind. Don't be surprised if I post about what I was going to late on today.

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  1. Well I guess it's not any different than people suing tabocco companies because they have lungcancer from smoking....duh? Figure it out...I am with you....I think they need "no fault" insurance for those big companies lol...So you mean it's their fault that I gained a few pounds? woo hoo.. I know it wasn't just me stuffing my face...wish it was that easy...maybe I can sue Weight watchers for not losing about that? Has anybody ever tried that? Really makes you wonder what this world is coming to. Great entry Cindy!

  2. I am right there with you--the only way this is McDonald's fault vs. a parenting issue is if McD's is sneaking into her kid's room at night, plugging in a feedling tube, pushing fries through it and sneaking out in the morning. Other than that--it is poor parenting if you ask me.

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw the piece about that lawsuit. What a crock! That's a large part of the problem in this country today, no one wants to admit that ANYTHING is their responsibility.

  4. Growing up, I was taught manners. How to act in public, what silverware was for what, and responsibilty for myself. I was always surprised when a friend didn't know these things. Many people laugh and make fun of the "educated" only to whine when things don't go their way.
    Parents will say that they don't have time to teach the kids these things or that it is unimportant. But obviously you did it even with having to do it alone and work too.

    Then there is the whole situation with junk food and food stamps. Really!! We alow people to buy candy and soda with food stamps?!

    I'm with you on this one.

  5. Only thing I ever got from McDonalds is their Latte, which is cheaper and as good as anywhere else! OK, maybe 2 hamburgers. And I am underweight and need to put on a few pounds. Hmmm, maybe I should start eating fast food! When I grew up in Sweden you hardly ever saw an overweight person, I was shocked last time I was there at how many there are now. These are just some FYIs, I totally agree with you about personal responsibility and teaching kids how to behave and that they can't have everything they want. It's great to have you back to blogging -- I love your rants!--Inger

  6. I was ready to blame the restaurant, until I read what you said. Good point. I still feel that businesses do have some responsibility though with their slick marketing. The 'younger' generation of parents has been bamboozled by them, McDonald's, and they move it onto the kids. But you are right in that parents have the responsibility to 'control' their kids.....that is the bottom line.

  7. totally agree with you! If your kid is a brat or your gaining a few pounds then guess what, the buck stops with you!!
    The whole world is a victim and its always someones elses fault. Time to step up people and take your power back, and some of the blame.

  8. What idiot kind of lawyer would take such a case? Spoiled kids are spoiled kids and there's too bleep many of them anymore. If people would stop being so lazy and bother to feed their children nutritious and interesting foods - this overweight thing wouldn't be such a problem. (also cut their tv and computer time and make them go play outside!)It all makes ME angry too, I have half a busload of grandchildren and they are nearly all over weight!

    MacDonald's is our favorite when on a road trip - they seem to have the cleanest bathrooms - but we seldom purchase anything. We consider them a pit stop.

  9. i couldn't agree with you more! there is little accountability these days. but, it goes hand in hand with the theme our government is taking - we don't know best, so the government will pass laws to make sure we do what is right since obviously, we're too stupid to made decisions for ourselves! hence, you have michelle obama wanting to pass laws like no bake sales allowed in schools because the foods are "bad" and will cause obesity. rant on!

  10. There's a whole lot of not taking responsibility for choices going on. Teaching junior high behavior disorders, you'd be amazed at all the behaviors I get blamed for. I just keep telling them that if I could actually control their behavior, do they really think I'd make them behave in a manner that caused them to get in trouble????

  11. The parents are always responsible. Seriously, who's in charge anymore?!


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