Thursday, December 30, 2010


Okay, get a load of this. The mail lady here at the new house is truly something else. On the 28th she left this notice stating there is a package for me. As you can see her note says package too big for tote I leave at the mailbox.
I call the post office and yup, the package is there. I tell them I will pick it up the 29th. Fine.
Well, on the 29th the mail lady leaves the package wrapped in a plastic bag next to the mailbox. Really? I called and said I would pick it up at the post office!  Okay. Whatever.

This is the note she left in the mailbox today.
Seriously? She wants her plastic garbage bag back so she can reuse it? Really? 
Um, not going to happen because the plastic bag got ripped while taking the package out. 
Really? She wants the bag back?! 
After shaking my head in disbelief then laughing hysterically about it how ridiculous her request is an idea came to mind.  

Fine. She wants her plastic bag back, well, then she should be thrilled with two boxes of unopened plastic bags!
Now I am sure you are asking yourself why I am going to leave both boxes of plastic bags in the mailbox tomorrow.
This is why.
I am leaving her a note to take one plastic bag to replace the one she wants back. The others are for her to keep in her vehicle so she has my plastic bags on hand whenever a package is delivered to my address and requires a plastic bag.
There have already been problems with this mail carrier. If I have outgoing mail that needs to be picked up, and no incoming mail, she does not stop to get the outgoing mail. I contacted the postmaster and was told that picking up outgoing mail is a courtesy. Really? Since when!
No wonder so many people are unhappy with the post office.
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  1. Courtesy???? Good grief, what next? Your whole experience would have left a bad taste in my mouth!
    ARGH!!! Oh, the rates are going up for priority packages in January(don't know how much) I wonder if they are going to up the rates for letters too?

    If I don't see you tomorrow -
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. I had to chuckle at this. My mom works at the post office, so I always give her a bad time about the mail service. We do have one carrier that tends not to pick up the outgoing mail also, or she just can't get it to the right person. The regular mailman is great!

  3. Here in Iowa if you don't put the flag up and you have mail in the box they won't stop and get your mail..that makes sense because if they have no mail to deliver in your box why would they stop..
    Have never heard of your situation..
    If we get a bigger box than the mailbox OUR mailgirl always brings it to the house.. and brings it to the door.. If we are not home she just leave it inside my garage...
    Something wrong with your Post OFfice and mail delivery person...
    Have a great day...ta ta for now from Iowa..

  4. A courtesy? What? Ask to speak to the supervisors supervisor. Also, call USPS's 800 number. Geez, the things they get away with now.

  5. Wow, that *is* funny. I think I gave myself a headache holding all those giggles in. I think I would like to meet this mail person and make sarcastic comments at her.

  6. Courtesy? I never heard of such a thing. If it is a courtesy, it should be a COMMON one. I think that there is a bad epidemic of the lazies going on at your Post Office.

  7. Wow, that's terrible service. Too bad we can't choose to contract "outgoing mail service" through another carrier. What a mess. (Maybe your bipolar mail carrier is related to Creepy Guy?)

  8. I've watched the mail service go down hill for several years.
    At work , they leave the mail next door at another business if they don't feel like making two stops, and so they have to deliver it back to us.
    I hope she tries a little harder with customer satisfaction, for her own sake :)
    I've so enjoyed our visits back and forth this past year, and hope to continue in the coming year.
    Happy New Year !

  9. Yep... Believe it or not. They don't have to pick up mail if there's none to deliver. "Your Union at Work!" Right.

    We live in a rural area here in East Tennessee. However - we've made it practice from the get-go to take all our outgoing mail on to the post office. Even in sparsely populated areas - thieves will snatch outgoing mail with hopes for finding personal checks inside envelopes. Somehow - they bleach them with some type of process - for the purpose of recreating more for counterfeiting and check fraud.

  10. Oh my word - that sounds so familiar! A couple of weeks ago I had my own 'interesting' inreaction with my local post office. Miles away from each other and it's scary how similar the mentality is!

    This was my experience:

    Regards and enjoy the last day of 2010!

  11. In Slovenia and I believe most European countries, they never pick up outgoing mail from our mailboxes, it was just never done. I have to go to the post office or just drop it in a post mailbox. Do you have to pay something to the post office on a regular basis for the "courtesy"? If not, I believe it is courtesy... but if they always do it, your mail carrier should still respect that.

  12. wow! that is really something. a courtesy? well, i'm not surprised. it's the government. i like your response. somehow, i don't think she'll see the humor in it! ha ha.

  13. Uhm..if you have a box not attached to your house (curbside) and the flag is up I do believe they are required to pick it up. At least according to their website and how it used to be. (my Mom was a postmaster for 25 years). If you have a box attached to your house, then if there is no mail to deliver then they aren't required to pick up mail. I have trouble with them just randomly placing my packages by the mailbox, by the gate, sometimes inside the gate etc. Things have really went downhill since my Mom retired and the mail carrier was a family friend! I hope your gal settles down---what a silly thing she is showing herself to be.


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