Monday, May 24, 2010


For those of you who remember the neighbors dog, Persistence aka Little Dog, well, I haven't seen him in quite awhile. Nor have I heard him bark. Don't know if he is still next door, or just gone. Kind of sad because he really grew on me. Got used to him being around.
About six weeks ago, AJ, came down with laminitis. ( Inflammation of the hooves). I have had several horses come down with it over the years and have always been able to get it under control in a rather short period of time. But this time around it has been a battle. Soaking hay twice a day, keeping her stall almost knee deep in pine shavings, feeling for heat in her feet, etc.. It hasn't been until the last few days that finally there is progress. Whew, happy about that!

Little Inger has kept to her end of the bargain. She still only has the two eggs we agreed upon that she can hatch out. She hasn't laid or stole any eggs since our talk!

This morning as I was out in the playroom drinking coffee, watching the news and gearing up for the day I heard the neighbor lady hollering and yelling. Not knowing what was going on, outside I went to find out what the heck the commotion was. Well, their dog, the one who came onto my property and killed one of my hens, had gotten loose and attacked their goat! Her husband had coming running out of the house wrapped in a towel, grabbed the dog and made the comment that if he was dressed he would shoot the dog. Well, didn't hear a gunshot, goat is stressed and have no idea where the dog is.

Fire season has been push backed thanks to all the rain and cooler temps we have had as of late. As far as I'm concerned the hot weather can stay away for a lot longer. Fire season always scare me.
The Egyptian Geese babies and parents are doing great. Those babies are getting bigger and bigger with every passing day.
And I thought instead of responding to everyone's comments about Drama Queen middle daughter moving back in, that I want to say thank you to all of you for your comments. They really let me know that I am not the Evil parent I'm sure Drama Queen thinks I am! Kids!!!!
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  1. My children are only young, but seem to have cottoned on to that way of thinking as well. Cowboy gives himself self imposed time outs when he gets in trouble now, for a little sulking session!
    Our neighbours have guinea pigs, and decided yesterday to show the boys (and our dog). Bad idea, the dog thought it was great he wanted to get closer and jumped at it a few times... Now my dog has to be watched as i don't want him getting over the fence to their guinea pig. He is a gentle dog but loves to chase little things that run away like mice, rats and guinea pigs would fit into that catergory just nicely in his eyes!!
    Poor AJ, glad she is on the mend, not nice having sick animals and they can't quite tell you how they are feeling!
    Broody chooks must be the in thing my MIl has one aswell lol!

  2. Oh dear, I don't know which I hate more, laminitis or colic. I'm glad that AJ is showing some improvement and I will keep my fingers crossed that it continues.

    Sadly, something needs to be done about that dog. Hopefully, the neighbor will do the right thing.

  3. I was just thinking about that little dog last evening..and wondering what had happened to him?! Glad you posted something, but too bad he hasn't been back. Sounds like your care for your horse could be working, thats sure bugs me when one of mine are in pain. Seems like it is all I worry about..and Drama Queen?? I have several of them and sometimes they all cycle on the same day! ;)

  4. you have sooo much to do taking care of all your critters -- i hope grownup kids do not get added to that -- hopefully ms drama queen will grow up soon. it may just take longer for some. i loved to see that little inger is behaving herself.-- inger

  5. Glad AJ is doing better, and all your other animals are well too and are behaving and if all that talk would just work with the human kids too lol.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Inger is keeping her end of the deal. That usually happens when you listen and strike a deal with your animals. Hope AJ keeps improving.

  7. Little Inger is so cute. :) Poor AJ... great to hear she's doing better. I'm sure she so appreciates your doting attention. Like here, it's never a dull moment there, is it? :) Have a great day.

  8. Your fuzzy / feathery kids are making your human kids look bad, lol! Glad AJ's finally doing better. Can you put a deadline on Drama Queen's stay at Hotel Mom? Hope those rules work out, anyway.

  9. I don't have horses, but what little I know of laminitis, from a horse friend of mine, that can be a nasty one to deal with. Glad AJ is improving. Good luck and happy thoughts with you, to deal with animals problems and family...



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