Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cleaning, Trimming,Searching,Found

Yesterday Joe, my farrier, came out to trim the donkeys. He is the best farrier around. I always enjoy it when he comes out. He has lots of stories to share. After trimming the donkeys, he took a look at AJ's feet. Yup, sure enough there is a considerable amount of growth from when he was here about a month ago. That's a good thing!
Here are the two front feet trimmings. For only four weeks, this is a lot of growth. So far it looks like the laminitis hasn't effected her feet too terribly. Everything is still holding together.

After Joe's visit, and the rest of the outside chores were done, it was time to continue my cleaning spree. After cleaning out the fridge there were dishes that needed to be loaded into the dishwasher. I left the dishwasher door open. Can you guess whose head was inside cleaning the dirty dishes for me? Yup, Honey Dog. Thanks, Honey Dog, but I prefer the dishes to be washed in hot water, not dog slobber.

For awhile now I have been trying to figure out who is a hen and who is a roo from the ten chicks hatched a few months ago. So far there are three roosters. Jeff Lewis ( pic above), a White Silky and a Barred Rock cross. The other ones I just haven't been able to distinguish whether they are a hen or roo. Well, thanks to Jeff Lewis, he is helping me narrow it down to who is a hen! Good boy Jeff Lewis!! Looks like there are more hens than roosters. Yay!!

The past several days there have only been one to two eggs in the chicken house. Hmmm, what the heck! Now I know the girls are laying on a daily basis so there should be more eggs than that. Well, sure enough, some of the girls have found a new place to lay. They have decided that in between the hay bales in the barn is a mighty fine place to lay. Now instead of collecting eggs from the chicken house, it has turned into a hunt and search in the hay barn. The egg pic above was taken awhile ago from inside the chicken house.

A few days ago my oldest daughter mentioned to me that I have a 'Farmers Tan' going on and need to start wearing summer shirts. I would take a pic of my arms, but honestly, you don't want to see them!!

Oh, the neighbors dog who attacked his goat hasn't been seen or heard since it happened. Hmmm, have a feeling he doesn't have that dog anymore!

Until next time.....................


  1. I'm still thinking about all those cats.

    Seriously, I'm glad that there was that much growth on AJ's feet. Sounds like you're on the right track.

  2. Looks like Honey Dog knows the rules about everyone doing their part. Glad AJ'a feet are doing good. By the way, (comment on your last post) THAT"S ALOT OF CATS! How do you keep the peace?

  3. Too bad you don't have little kids, you could have an Easter Egg hunt every day!

  4. I agree with Canyon Girl, kids do have fun with that sort of thing! And nice to hear that AJ is doing better.

    Had to laugh, I know what you mean, but when you kept saying "Hen and Roo", I half expected a pic of a hen and a KANGAroo... (I am mental that way sometimes...)


  5. when my kids were little they used to love going to get the eggs. My daughter said it was like an easter egg hunt everyday!

  6. Honey DOg the cute is that?

  7. Oh, Honey Dog is just try to help out. I'm glad AJ's feet are fine.


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