Monday, May 3, 2010

Donkeys and Cats and Chickens and Plants

The past several weeks I have been watching the Pampas Grass bushes in the front year. There didn't seem to be any signs of growth and I was certain they were dead and gone. Much to my surprise I spied green growth! Hoo Wee! When we bought this place six years ago the previous owners said that the Pampas Grass bloomed every year without having to do anything to it. Um, not one bloom at all! Oh well, guess the grass just doesn't want to do its thing these days.
I have been asked several times if the donkeys when they are turned out into the yard, if they do any damage to the trees and plants. Well, yes as a matter of fact they have. This little plum tree has had its branches broken in half or completely off.

This is Jeff Lewis. My oldest daughter came out yesterday to help with mucking stalls and when she saw Jeff Lewis she commented on how big is he. Yeah, they have a way of growing! :)

This morning as I as coming back towards the house I noticed Doug and Squirrel in the cat room window enjoying the fresh air. Obviously Doug takes up too much room so Squirrel has to do the best she can to get the breeze in her face.

Yesterday afternoon I put the donkeys into the backyard. Of course where there is an open window you will find a cat sitting in front of it. And in this case, a donkey on the other side. Doughnut is doing her best at sniffing Doug through the screen.

Not sure if she liked what she smelled or not!

Cookie had to come over and see what Doughnut was smelling. But, um, she was sniffing to high.

Since I have been turning the donkeys loose in the front yard, and we have hay in the barn, it was time to block off the donkeys from the hay. I dragged a 12 foot gate up am using it to keep the donkeys and hay separated. The last thing I want is for those hay bales jumping in with the donkeys!

Speaking of separating. The reason I keep Arnold and Miles separated is that they were both gelded later in life and they both think they are, well, you know, having all their equipment intact. So not wanting to take any chances of either of them getting hurt, I keep them separated.

For those of you who are curious as to how many animals live here. Here is a breakdown:
3 horses
8 donkeys
5 Fainting goats
3 dogs
16 cats
18 chickens
1 Fred ( ground squirrel)
2 Egyptian geese ( who come and go as they please)

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  1. WOW, sure love to have donkeys of my own...and horses and more cats of course. Love the picture of squirrel trying to get some fresh air, and of course the donks checking out the cats at the window..too cute.

  2. love seeing the photo's of the cats and donkeys. You are a farm with a big heart!

  3. Cats and windows, they sure do go together. Loved the pictures of the donks and the cats. They were just too cute.

  4. my kind of homestead...let those babies clean up the backyard!! I really enjoy having my girls up where I can see them. I am always watching down pasture to see if I can see the cows...since they hit the green grass...I have to pack a lunch and jug to find them. It is just such a nice feeling when they are home, much like when the kids come?! Funny now isn't it!

  5. Loved the picture of Doug and Squirrel sitting at the window. They look so peaceful together. Thanks for the answer on Arnold and Miles. I'm glad that they get to play with each other over the fence anyway. :)

  6. You have quite the menagerie happening......and they all seem so placid and relaxed. Something in their food?

  7. I love the pic of Doug and Squirrel in the window. So cute. Our cat loves to sit in the window too. We worked our cattle over the weekend, and Kitty didn't get to go outside much. We let her out when we are home. Love you site!

  8. This is my first visit, and I love the looks of your farm, but I do think you need more goats. They are what make the farm fun!


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