Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a Morning Already

This morning has been full of surprises and lots of energy used.
Had to order several more hen aprons and they came in yesterday mail. So this morning it was dressing the girls again. First hen caught was one of the Mottled Houdans. When I lifted her left wing up to slip the apron on I saw this....
A huge wound!! I didn't know it was there. I think this is the hen that disappeared for several days. Although I gave her a quick once over when she returned, obviously I didn't look good enough. And the worst part is, I don't know what to do for her wound. The only medicine I have is for horses/donkeys, cats and dogs. Do you suppose Neosporin would hurt? The wound is on the left side of her back under the wing area. It looks like something either grabbed her or something bit her. Glad I have a strong stomach. Well, for everything but any kind of puke or skunk smell. Those two things will get me to gagging everytime.

Here she is with her new clothes. And let me tell you, she is not happy!!

Poor Eva's shoulders are so raw thanks to over zealous Stew Pot.

So off went her old apron and on went the new one with shoulder gaurds.
As soon as I was all finished dressing the girls I look up to see one of the neighbor dogs on my property running around! Thankfully it wasn't the same dog that killed my hen awhile back. But it is the same dog that had gotten loose two years ago and ran around my back pasture trying to chase my horses!

After about an hour of trying to catch him, he finally trusted me enough to walk him into our back yard so I could keep him safe until one of the neighbors gets home.
He really is a nice enough dog, but poor thing is stuck in a kennel 24/7/365. The only human interaction he gets is when he gets fed and watered. Or when the one grandson whom they have custody of terrorizes him. This kid is about 8 or 9 and I kid you not, a serial killer in the making! I have talked with the neighbors about this kid, but to no avail. They are aware of what he does, but don't know what to do about it.

And the neighbors other dog, a Border Collie, also got out and is running around. That dog hasn't come over her yet, but now I am having to watch all the animals here. And that dog is known to bite! Great!

Oh, an earlier this morning it was time to worm the horses and donks. Everyone was nice and easy except for my horse. He hates to be wormed and it is a chore and a job! After about fifteen minutes of trying to convince him to get wormed I gave up. Mainly due to him yanking on me so hard my right shoulder is hurting pretty bad. It is the same shoulder he injured over a year ago. So, he stayed in his stall today and he is not happy! I'll just go to the feed store and buy some feed on wormer. He IS going to get wormed come hell or high water! I will win!!!
I hope the rest of the day is nice and normal.
Until next time.................


  1. I have used Neosporin on both cats and dogs, so I don't see why it wouldn't work on the chicken. You might wrap it, so she doesn't make a mess by either trying to wipe it off, or sitting on a dirty surface with goo on her. Hope she improves...

    We had trouble with dogs at the last place we lived, it was only after I called the dog catcher twice that things settled down, and even then I had problems. "Oh, well, I was gone, and he got out." Well, quit using rope to lock the gate, dummo. Ah, good times. Not.

    May you have the upper hand,

  2. Ouch! That wound looks nasty in deed, but it's been awhile, so you'd think if any infection would set in that it would've by now. It looks huge in the picture. I'm not sure what you can do about it at this point. Hopefully, it will start to dry and close up. I think you have more patience with Stewpot and his ways then many would have. I'm pretty sure my DW would've shipped him off somewhere else. Also, I feel so badly for that poor dog you had locked up. That's truly an awful situation. We'd be happy to loan you one of our crew of big white dog/LGD's to establish pasture security. Good Luck. Ken and Mary of Fancyfibers Farm, Texas

  3. have you any antibiotic powder? would the vet give you any!? nasty wound!!

  4. ooh! That injury looks ouchy! We worry about loose dogs here too... That dog looks very sweet - but a bit of a scamp too! I wouldn't want to see him peeking at me through the fence!

  5. The poor little chook! I hope it feels better soon. as for the dogs, we have a sherifs department we can ring and they take the animals away. If they are wandering around then they can be impounded. If they are not claimed, they are tested to see if they can be rehomed and if they are dangerous they are humanely put to sleep. sound horrid I know but children and other pets must be protected.

  6. one of my buffs had a similar wound last year
    I got a broad spectrum antibiotic powder from the vets and filled the cavity with it. I sprayed around the wound with some antibacterial spray and hoped for the best!

    good luck

  7. Blue Cote is good for wounds like that. It looks too big for Neosporin but maybe that is just the picture. I'd go with a spray on of some sort. If there are no maggots then you probably don't have much to worry about.

  8. The biggest thing to watch for is maggots. If at all possible, wrap the wound so no flies can get to it. Blu-Kote spray is an anti-paracidic that can help with this if you can't wrap it. Like others mentioned, the antibiotic powder would be a good thing also.

  9. Poor chicken,I put neosporin on just about everything around here. It seems to help. I know all about neighbors dogs. Bo has been placed on "home confinement" when I have to go somewhere. The neighbors dog would set at the end of the driveway waiting on me to leave, then come over and get Bo and take off with him. Bo gets in trouble and he just runs amuck.

  10. Have you tried blindfolding your horse to administer the wormer? My horse doesn't like it either so I tried tying a scarf over her eyes. I had the wormer ready and as soon as the scarf was tied, I popped the wormer in and had it done within seconds. If you will forgive me, she "didn't see it coming" and so she didn't fuss. I've blindfolded her on two occasions now and it is great!

  11. I can see now why they make aprons with shoulder guards - brilliant. The neighbor's dog is cute. I'll never understand why people have animals if they keep them locked up all of the time and never have any interaction with them. Sad.

  12. I would just use something like blu-cote or idoine, but I think I might rinse with peroxide first, just to make sure there isn't anything lurking in there. Luckily it is under the wing, so it looks like the flies couldn't get to it as easily. Even though the chicks look a little bent out of shape about the coats, they look very smart, like they are off to the office for the day! ;-) Poor neighbors dog. Why, oh why do people get an animal (a pack animal at that!) and isolate it? I'm glad you were able to confine him to keep him safe as well as all your critters. I loved the post yesterday about the cat and his dog. I've seen those bonds formed here at times and it's always amazing.

  13. Love the aprons with shoulder guards, they are so cute! I'm going to have to get some aprons of some sort, or get rid of some roos really soon. Back when I had injured chickens I read that you can put neosporin on a chicken wound for a short time, but you should also put antibiotics in the bird's water to make sure she heals ok. We got antibiotics at the feed store. But then all the birds get antibiotics, if you put it in the water. I don't think you're supposed to eat the eggs if the chickens are taking antibiotics...
    Good luck, keep us informed!


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