Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just misc stuff

I have been collecting sand from all over the world for quite a few years. It all started when my best friend went on her honeymoon to Hawaii. She asked me what I would like for her to bring back and I said a bottle of sand. Sand? Yes, sand. Why? Well, it's free and sand has its own color and texture from where it came from.
I don't travel very much and never have been out of the country. I have sand from France to Israel to Germany to Mexico and quite a bit from all over the United States. All thanks to friends. It really is amazing to see the different colors. There are still a few places I don't have sand from. Maybe one of these days it will get added to my collection. Pssss, don't look at all the dust on the shelves. Haven't gotten around to pulling everything out of the case and cleaning.

Cookie, Doughnut and Arnold wanting out of the front pasture and into the yard. Sorry guys, not today. It is suppose to start raining later on. And if you know donkeys, they despise to get wet! Snow is okay, but for some reason they ( at least the ones here) detest water.

The one and only Iris finally bloomed.

And there are bird nests in the breezeway where the stalls are. Yes, there are tiny babies in them. Only reason I know is I heard them!

Last night I watched an old 1957 Joan Crawford movie I hadn't seen before. It was called The story of Esther Costelle. Well, wasn't impressed at all. It was like watching a remake of Helen Keller which wasn't done very well. I fell asleep before the ending. I really do like watching the old black and white movies. Although I get kidded about it a lot.
And yes, I am still going through stuff which explains why I haven't posted in a few days. No, no good treasures this time. Next stop is out to the barn!!

Until next time..................


  1. We have alot of Iris's in our garden, Love them! I must say i haven't seen many black and white movies, I don't get much time to watch any movies. Sand collection is a great idea! Even along the coast of my state Queensland the sand differs!

  2. Cool sand from all over the world, nice collection. I find it very interesting to see what things people collect, and some of the things you would never really think of. Thanks for sharing.
    I just love your donkeys, especially Doughnut, he reminds me of Hershey. Just something about the dark brown ones I love.
    Are some of your birdnest made of Donkey and horse hair too? At the DSC you can see the birds always flying off with clumps of Donkey hair to make their nests.
    Black and White ok i won't comment on that....I used to watch Laurel and Hardy with my Grandpa all the time. They were black and white.:)

  3. I LOVE black and white movies...Wuthering Heights...The Ghost and Mrs. Muir...and so on. I also get kidded alot from my husband and kids about watching them. You can get your Galveston sand when you visit (hopefully this summer!)

  4. Cass, when you find time, you should watch a good old black and white. You will be surprised how wonderful they are.

    Tina,aw, Laurel and Hardy. Loved watching them. Abbot and Costello were great too. Yes, the birds nest is full of horse and donkey hair. Seems nothing goes to waste!!

    2CF- Oh yes, I will be collecting sand when I come to visit. Am hoping to make a trip this summer. It all depends on.... well you know.

  5. I don't know about donkeys, but my llama will stay outside in rain and snow--even storms, but he does not like sleet. He'll go inside or at least stick his long neck in shelter somewhere. I like the iris. Mine are just starting to bloom.

  6. I have a crazy bird trying to nest on my front porch, I allow it on the carport, I allow it on the barns and I have also let one nest in my grapes, but everytime they nest on the porch the cat gets them as soon as they come out. They nest on top of the log post and the cats can climb them. Crazy bird isn't getting the hint, she brings in mud and I take it back off. I have to go to the greenhouse tomorrow, so she will probably get the jump on me.

  7. What an interesting collection.....I look at it as ground-up sea glass! With some rock thrown in for good measure.

    Don't you love those sole blossoms that keep coming up year after year.....beautiful Iris of the 'bearded' variety.

    I know now that I couldn't have donkeys......I'd give in to their every whim!!!

  8. Love your sand collection and the different sizes and shapes of the bottles. My dad used to collect sand/dirt/ash from different places... makes me wonder if he still has it. We can relate to the whole donkeys not liking to get wet theme! :) Your guys look like they're standing there waiting SO patiently.


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