Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let me out!

I was hoping to catch Patti Cake do her bray/honk sound, but instead I caught her relaxing in the breezeway.


So instead of getting to hear Patti Cake, you get to hear Cookie letting me know she wanted out of her stall. So demanding!

And there was another surprise last night. When I walk into the chicken house to lock everyone up I always do a head count. Well, I did a head count and it didn't add up. So I counted again, and there was a reason the count didn't come out right. The missing Mottled Houdan hen had come back and was sitting with the others! It took me a moment to realize she had come back. She was fine. Although the hen apron she was wearing is gone. Have no idea what happened to it. But she is back and safe.

Until next time.........................


  1. Awwww so adorable, that sound is music to my ears and I can never hear it too bad the chicken can't tell you about her adventure. Glad she is back.

  2. I am thinking I like donkeys more and more!! That would be a good story from your adventurous chicken...sure wish we knew what happened, but happy to hear she is back where she belongs!

  3. perhaps broody and unsucessfully sitting on some unhatched eggs?????????

  4. Cookie! What a beautiful noise you make! That would be the coolest thing to hear every day. I'm glad your chicken is back. Put a "chicken cam" on her, in case she escapes again.

  5. Patti Cake looks rather nonplussed at Cookie's braying. Her look says "Can you believe her? How unrefined!"

  6. I so glad she's back! Isn't it funny about doing the chicken "head count". As soon as I get home from work I walk out and can immediately tell you if someone is unaccounted for. Unlike HB who will be home all afternoon and not notice that one has been locked in the coop all day! Maybe it's just a Mom thing. ;)


  7. Love the names. Cookie is my kinda girl - demanding :-)

  8. You must have been so happy to see that hen! Cookie's bray is so high pitched compared to our boys... I love the way they're all so unique.


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