Saturday, May 29, 2010

What the........!!!!!

As I was preparing to make dinner this evening I hear my youngest daughter calling Cookie's ( donkeys) name. Sounding pretty close, so, stopped what I was doing. Walked out of the kitchen towards the dining area, looked to the right and see..... this! Youngest daughter has the door wide open trying to coax Cookie inside the house!!
Youngest has been telling me for quite a few years that one of these days she is either going to bring her horse or a donkey into the house.

Youngest getting out of the way. Cookie making sure there is enough room.

Cookie rethinking about coming in. Youngest giving her a pep talk.

Cookie getting closer. Um, okay, that's far enough!

To answer your question, no, Cookie did not come into the house.

At least not this time!!!!
If I did walk in to see a horse or donkey inside the house, well, honestly, after I got through laughing, taking pics, the horse or donkey would be escorted right back outside.

Until next time..............


  1. This is so funny, while it is nothing like a donkey my daughter brings in the chickens to watch tv with her.

  2. Very cute!! This makes me smile!

  3. Holly's my kinda gal. Of COURSE Cookie needs a tour of the house! :-)

  4. Oh, they both sound like a lot of fun.

  5. A sense of humor is great, but definitely need to know where to draw the line. I will admit to watching basketball with little kids (goat, that is).

  6. amd I am worried about dog poo!
    donkley poo in the hall would be too much

  7. You are too much! Wish my parents were as permissive as you. I think your animals know how lucky they are to be living with you!

  8. I couldn't get to the end of your post fast enough to see what happened! I ask Don every night if Bernard can sleep in the house and the answer is always no. :)

  9. One of these days when you least expect it, Cookie will be standing in the house. We had family stop by today for the first time and as they were coming up the steps, Pee Wee came running "OUT" of the house. I had left the door open to great the company and he was loose and made a bee line for the door. I told them I swear he doesn't live in the house. They about died! They live in an appartment complex in town, and didn't even know what my chickens were running around in the yard. City Folk, gotta love 'em.

  10. It does happen! Years ago, my brother brought Horse into house to spend the night in the hall. The temps were well below zero and the winds were awful. Horse (a POA) was so happy, he just stood there all night and never made a sound (or a poo)


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