Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poo and a Rant

What is it about poo and certain animals? The chickens love scratching through the horse and donkey poo. Especially after its been raining the past few days. Mmmmm, lots of yummy bugs to get.

And it isn't just the chickens who love horse and donkey poo. Honey Dog likes it too! You can hear Jeff Lewis crowing in the background. He is actually getting better at it with each passing day.

Now for my rant. The other day I was reading on the Internet that there is a group of people who want to ban Ronald McDonald ads/commercials because they say it is because of him is why our children are so overweight. Really? So parents want to blame a clown for making their kids overweight? How about this notion. How about not going to a fast food joint or if you do, make it a treat, not a daily food group. Why aren't parents taking the responsibility for their children's health? Why are parents pointing fingers at everybody else but themselves? How about saying, 'NO', when the kid begs and whines and throws a tantrum wanting to go to a fast food joint for a toy?

Okay, that was my rant.

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  1. I love your rants -- you are always so right on. And isn't Ronald McDonald the symbol for the places where parents of kids with cancer can stay while their kids are getting treatments? Some people are just too much!

  2. Your Best rant Yet!! I totally agree. We have the same issues here in Australia. It really isn't that hard to make good healthy treats at home. Or if you have the money, buy the good stuff from the shops if you don't have time for cooking. We are lucky if we buy fast food once a month!!! And the boys go balistic when we do cause they know its a very special treat! They don't eat lollies much, the only ones they get are from their grandparents as their special treat on visits to them. Or if they have been good at home and helped me out doing some chores etc then we go and buy one of those kinder suprises (choc egg with a lil toy inside), Doesn't happen very often lol. And most importantly they get heaps of play OUTSIDE, thats also whats lacking... The TV has become to much of a babysitter. I won't lie and say i don't use it, i do. But I say when it goes on and turns off, for when its time to play outside or other toys, they don't sit infront of it all day long thats for sure!

    My comment turned into somewhat of a rant aswell lol. Jeff Lewis sounded great in the background!

  3. Inger-Yes, that is the same Ronald McDonald who helps kids with cancer. Thank you for saying you like my rants. Watch out because I have a lot more! :)

    Cass- Thank you. And exactly what you said! Loved your rant! Fast food is a treat. How funny but the tv and video games is another rant of mine ( for another day). Whatever happened to kids playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Hugs to for being a great mom!!!

  4. Poo, and hoofies.

    Don't get me started on the subject of overindulged children, and the inability of parents to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their kids. Discipline in schools, behavior in public, morals -- all the parent's duty to instill. Schools, churches, social groups like Boy and Girl Scouts are all there to support, but they should not have to take the lead.

    Sure, there are some incorrigibles, there always have been. But, the simple act of saying "no" to most of the "I wants" of kids today would make a world of difference.

    I know that's a generalization. I know several young parents whose children are a joy to be around, are active and eat the right things. I see how they work at it, also.

    It's tough on parents today. In my parent's generation, Mom usually didn't have to work. So, she was there to act as the core of the family, the one who, primarily, instilled the mores of the kids. But, if you want kids, please, accept the responsibility that goes along with it.

    See, I told you not to get me started.

  5. I remember the other kids at our church always begging their parents to go to McD's afterwards. I knew better than to ask MY parents! The few times Mom did break down & get fast food, we brought it home, set the table, and ate off of real plates, around the family table as usual. (Of course, Mom was stay-at-home; I don't know how I'd manage if I had kids today.)

  6. There is always somebody blaming somebody else for their wrong doing. It's getting absolutely ridiculous. Same with people suing people over the most stupidest s***! So tired of the world like this.
    I don't know what it is about donkey poo but the owner of the DSC dogs always have a hayday in the trailer that is loaded with wheelbarrows of poop. Go figure.

  7. I'm a behavior disorders teacher. I agree with your rant. I'd love to see anyone take responsibility for their own choices--kids, parents, politicians, etc.

    On a funnier note, ducks and cow pies--nice warm lunch. Hey, it is a related topic.

  8. We're right there with you! Our dogs love to either indulge or roll in donkey poo if given a chance. Needless to say, they don't get the chance. ;) I am SO right there with you on the rant. I was quite surprised when I heard that. Ugh!

  9. Amen to that! I work with kids alot and the ones that I have the most trouble with are the ones who parents never say "No" and set on their butt's griping about what all I do wrong. As for the poo, must be an acquired taste.LOL

    **Announcement, you have been given the "Versatile Blogger Award", stop by my place and check it out.

  10. Good post. It is true we seem to have become a nation of 'blamers'. If you choose to feed (or eat) this kind of foods then you need to live with the consquences. Last time I checked we were still a democracy and should be able to take the path we wish, and live with those choices. The only thing I do have a problem with is when things (drugs, food, basically anything) have been 'proven' safe, then suddenly they aren't safe. However, again, I think we all need to learn to educate ourselves and make our choices based on what we have found out, not what some organization deems safe.


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