Saturday, May 15, 2010

What do you see?

Until next time........................


  1. You are funny....unfortunately I was never good at this game lol...I don't have an imagination whatsoever....the first picture....crocodile with no for the rest.....just clouds to me lol....

  2. The second pic is of a horse & jockey. Its to celebrate the Preakness Stakes race here in MD today!

  3. I used to love doing this! Third pic down looks like a face of an animal with the sun trying to come though it's left eye.
    Great cloud shots.

  4. The first one looks like someone doing a back flip. Last on looks like a huge poodle lying on it back, snout and paw in the air.
    I know I need help.........As a kid I loved lying on the lawn looking up at clouds, imagining all sorts of thing.
    Have a great day

  5. Great shots! I think I would fail the ink blot test! I problable see stuff no one else does.

  6. I love the puffy clouds. I think the top one is a fat-bottomed-girl leaping with her arms forward.

  7. I thought that the first one looked like a pelican wearing a sailor hat. Couldn't see much in the rest of them, except that it looks like you had a beautiful day today.

  8. You all have great imaginations! Love it.
    This is what I see:

    #1- Duck with a big bill or a cartoonish crocodile
    #2- An old man with a really big nose and a moustache.
    #3-An elephant in the very center. Just the head and trunk.
    #4-A dogs smiling face in the lower right hand corner. And a snake head kind of in the center.
    #5- A mother sheep and her lamb.

    Hope everyone enjoyed 'being a kid again'. Remember laying on your back in the grass and watching the clouds?

  9. The first one looks like a pelican to me, too.
    The 4th: a basketball loop on a white background.
    the last: a dog with eye glasses checking out his paw:))

  10. there is definitely an elephant there and a lamb. great pics -- inger

  11. 1. cloud
    2. cloud
    3. cloud
    4. big cloud
    5. cloud.

    how's that!!!???


    ps I actually love cloud watching

  12. From my angle
    1. Duck taking a nose dive.
    2-4. clouds
    5. Pooh Bear

    Cute Game!

  13. I <3 clouds...thanks for these!

  14. Here goes...

    #1 Duck
    #2 Gorilla beating chest (2 arms with mouth wide open between arms)
    #3 Donkey ear (see the 2 pointed sections?)
    #4 Anvil
    #5 T-Rex

    Thanks Cindy...great fun just looking at the clouds!

  15. Considering we haven't seen sun here since last week, all I see is that you have SUN with puffy clouds. Someday we hope to have sun again. :)

  16. I'm really bad at this too... unless I'm out there watching the clouds morph. I'd definitely agree that first one looks like a duck.


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