Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goats, Books and Time

Today is really a beautiful day. The house windows are open. All the critters fed, watered, cleaned and turned out for the day. House chores pretty much done. And it's before noon!

The goats have begun their full fledged shed. Thankfully Goldie lets me pull some of that winter hair off. Well, actually its more of a grab and pull since she doesn't like to be touched much. You know the trick. You stand there, they walk by and you reach down, grab a handful of hair and you end up with a handful of goat hair.
Ol' Dick is always the nastiness of the bunch. Since he is older than dirt, he can't move very fast these days so helping him rid some of that nasty hair is easier. Although, I do not grab his hair with my hands. He stinks and so does his hair! I always make sure to keep a large comb in my pocket to use on him.

Oreo is the easiest of the bunch to help shed. She actually enjoys being brushed. Well, until she has had enough.

Since it is such a pretty day and the chores are pretty much done, I am giving thought to possibly catching up on some reading. Here is the end table with the books I have started but haven't finished. I love reading, but for quite awhile there just hasn't been time to sit, relax and just read. There is always something that needs to be done.

This is a close up of the picture shown in the above pic. It has my two fav boys ( who have sinced passed). Jake wearing his green rain coat when he was just a young pup. It was a very bad, wet winter that year and he didn't want to go outside to do his business so I bought him a rain coat. The dog laying down by Jake was E.Z.. He was a Pit Bull and the best dog that ever graced my life. He was almost sixteen when I lost him to cancer ten years ago. I still tear up thinking about him.

Thank you to everyone who gave me great advice for that awful wound on the hen. I did call both vets ( I have one for the large animals and one for the dogs and cats). Neither had a broad spectrum antibacterial powder. So, I went through all the meds in both the dog/cat and horse/donk medicine cabinets and found some Wound Kote powder and also some spray on antibacterial medicine. Thankfully there are no maggots. By the way thanks to everyone who mentioned the maggots. I never even thought about them being on the wound!

Oh, and real quick. I wormed my horse so I won!!! I am trying the blind folding trick next time!! Thank you.
Real quick, just to let you all know. It's okay to say that the goats are nasty looking. I know they aren't the best looking bunch around!! Especially compared to other goats on other blogs! And my sisters goats!! Her goats are really stunning.
Until next time............................


  1. Like your choice of books. Hmmmmm especially the castle ones and Munich.

  2. Awww thanks sis. But wait and see we both know your guys look pretty good after they shed out.

  3. I like the books you read. I enjoy history and nonfiction. Hey, the goats look good to me from this view.

  4. We all have "bad hair" days. LOL Why do you think I have never posted a close up picture of me on my blog. They will look great after they shed. Our horse looked so bad, I was ashamed for someone to see her until we took her out of the field and got all of the old hair off. Now she looks like a show horse.

  5. The goats look fat and happy. Mine were pretty scruffy. Most of them are getting cleaned up now. I still have a couple that leave my hands full of fur.

  6. I cant believe that I have not been officially "following" you!!!!

  7. They look fat, sassy and very happy and that is what matters. We can't all lead 'picture perfect' moments all the time. This is part of the reality of having animals! Hope you get some reading time in.


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