Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is my egg collecting basket. I have always wanted one and my oldest daughter surprised me with this one. I use it everyday to collect the eggs.
Thank goodness its big enough to hold the average three eggs a day the girls gift me! :) Maybe one day there will be enough eggs to actually fill the bottom!!

Guess what? Little Inger has been broody for awhile now. But with already having ten younger chickens thanks to her and Bonnie hatching them, well, I wasn't ready for more babies. So I have been taking her daily egg for a few weeks now.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Little Inger to get her egg. To my surprise she had two eggs under her. As I was holding her she started 'talking' to me. But this time it was a different kind of 'talk'. It was actually a pleading kind of pathetic 'talk'. As I continued to hold her and listen to what she was saying, I finally told her that she could have these two eggs. Her 'pleading' talk touched my heart, so how can I deny her what she wants. So, I put an 'x' on each egg with a pencil so when there are more eggs under her, I can take the unmarked ones.

This morning as I was coming back from filling the pasture water troughs I see this scene. Eva is bathing in the dirt, Danni is waiting her turn next and one of the Houdans is next in line. Um, girls, this isn't like it is the only dirt hole available!

I have left these weeds alone so it gives cover for the chickens when the hawks are around.

Then I look over and see this picture. Stew Pot perched on the ax handle! Good thing that ax is not used for 'doing' chickens in. It is used to chop wood and that's it.

Jabacue's blog had a picture of a head of a lion on a tree ( yard deco). Well, that reminded me of a yard deco piece I put on the barn wall. I just like the look on this suns face. Makes me smile everytime.

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  1. WOW, you are such a good chicken mommy, I am glad the chicken talked you into keeping the eggs. Can't wait to see the end result. Love the picture of Stew Pot on the ax.

  2. It does me good to see someone caring about the feelings of a chicken. (Maybe because it reminds me that I am not alone.) Anyway, you are all heart. I'm glad I found your blog. I went looking on blogrolls because so many of the ones I was following seem to be abandoned. Stew pot..haha.

  3. Stew Pot is a gorgeous rooster--he sure knows how to pose! I love it that a poor little chicky's cluckering got to your heart. Wish I could've heard it.

  4. That picture of Stew Pot on the ax is perfect. You should frame it. And, I'm so glad that you let Little Inger keep the two eggs to hatch. She will love her chickies very much, I'm sure.

  5. Ahh! The Little Inger story was amazing.You'll soon be called 'The Chicken Whisperer'! Thanks for sharing that one.

  6. o.m.g. the roo on the axe? classic photo. good catch.

    peeps are so darling. can't wait to see what your silky hatches!

  7. I love the pictures, and it is so nice of you to listen to your hen. I have a goat or two because their mothers begged and pleaded.

  8. Love the pic of "Stew Pot". I probably would have gave in to Little Inger too. That sun does make you smile when you look at it, at least it did me, but of course since I have found my long lost twin(LOL)who wouldn't be smiling.

  9. What a great post! Loved each and every one of your pictures, and you are a wonderful chicken momma. The picture of Stew Pot is a classic. :)

  10. Love the Stew Pot pic!!!

    You are so sweet to allow Little Inger to have more chicks. I think we are going to have some chicks sometime soon, also! Some of my hens are just so broody! I feel for them, poor girls!

    And the love the egg basket! My hubby just got me a cool egg basket, I'll have to post a pic of it! :)

  11. I'm smilin' a matter of fact I'm always smilin'. Keep me smilin' with your pics pls....lick

  12. Ok, I'll add my voice to the "love the Stewpot photo" vote - that is a great shot!
    I didn't realize you were getting 3 eggs a day - why do you think this is?
    Sweet lil' Inger - it makes me happy to know she's sitting on some eggs of her own, since it makes her so happy!

  13. What a wonderful chicken mom you are! Many people would never consider their chickens feelings when gathering eggs. That picture of Stew Pot is priceless. You really should frame it.


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