Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here a cat.......

There a cat. One cat.
Two cat.

Three cat.


Five cat.

Six cat.

Seven cat.


Eight cat.

Nine cat.

Ten cat.


Eleven cat.

Twelve cat.

Thirteen cat.

Plus three more!

Yup, a lot of cats.

No, all the cats do not come into the house. There are strictly indoor ones, in/out ones and just outdoor kitties.

Until next time.........................


  1. You and your cats!!! So cute. lol, inger

  2. And here I thought that having four cats was a lot. They are all very beautiful, but I think I fell in love a little with eleven cat.

  3. Oh my. All lovely, every one of them. But... achoo achoo ACHOOOOO!!!!!

  4. I thought that my 5 were a loving handful. You have meet beat by a longshot. Loved the pictures!

  5. CATS....I have never been close to one...should I, could I, would I...the day will come!

  6. What a lot of cats. I bet you never see a mouse.

  7. Well, at one time, our family had 23. (We live where people decide to DUMP them. May the fleas of 10,000 camels bite the dumpers in the butt...), and let me tell you, the vet knew us by first name by the time we had them all fixed...

    But I think they are all lovely, 'specially noticed #4 resembles my Tuxedo cat. I am at two out doorsy ones, Husband has BIG TIME allergies, but we both detest mice. So.

    I love the pics!


  8. What beautiful cats and what a loving heart you must have. Thank goodness there are people like you in this world! I used to have nine, but now have four......all elderly, but much loved. Each one a character! Don't let anyone make you feel bad about loving so many souls!

  9. Pretty kitties....they look so content and healthy. Not sure if it's the case around your place, but I can sure tell when the moon is getting full. All the kitties just act so goofy, and full of orneriness.


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