Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two day update

It's been a couple of days since I wrote. Sorry, no pics in today's blog. Camera is either being temperamental or I need to buy more batteries!

So far there are still only the three baby chicks. Bonnie is sitting on the rest of the eggs while Little Inger is teaching the young ones how to eat and scratch and do chicken things.

The other hens are rather upset now since the door to the pen is closed all the time. Which means I have to keep a real close eye on them and open the door for them to go in and lay their wonderful, yummy eggs. Then back out to open the door to let them back out.

This afternoon Little Inger took the babies out of the house and into the enclosed area. It was so cute to watch them scratch the whole time they were peeping and Little Inger talking to them.

But, as I feared, the outside cats have noticed the peeping! Mr. Worm has been hanging around the pen with 'that look' in his eye. Even though I have talked to him that the babies are not for him to eat, for some odd silly reason he ignores me. Hmmmm, go figure! So, without him knowing it is me doing it, rocks are tossed at him to scare him away. He runs off with a very confused look in his face. But sure enough later on there he is hanging around the pen again.

Rose ( our 12 year old Boxer) is not feeling well today. I have a suspicion she may have had another small stroke. I have been sitting with her the better part of today which seems to make her feel better. The way I figure it is, whatever I can't get to today, will be waiting for me tomorrow to get done.

Speaking of dogs, in previous posts I talked about our neighbors Little Dog who is over here all the time. Over the past several days I haven't seen him. Now this is ridiculous on my part since he isn't even our dog, but I got worried. I went out and looked in the ditches along the road, walked the back pasture, looked in the barn, but couldn't find him. Well, maybe the neighbors are just keeping him home now. Okay, that's fine. Earlier this afternoon when I went out to get the mail, who was standing by the front door?! Yup, Persistence aka Little Dog! Now I feel better knowing he is okay.

Hopefully tomorrow the camera will be working and will post pics of the babies.

Until next time.....................

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  1. Hope you can keep those kittys at bay and Momma Hen will keep her brood pretty covered..I have seen those Mommas in action and they are ferocious! Sorry about your Rose, I know how worried that gets a person. I posted a photo of my clan and just last week my best favorite oldest and sweetest girl, Chris, was hit by a grain truck. It was a very hard week and I doubt I could even post something yet..I tear up terribly. Silly I know, but darn the feelings anyway. Sure glad Persistence showed up and is he Fixed? Hopefully he has those gone and won't be hanging around other places where they don't like him as much. Made me feel alot better hearing he was standing at the front door. Gotta smile with that..isn't that how it always goes!


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