Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I put my horse into the big yard in front of the house so he could start eating down the grass. The way I figure it is, why not let an animal eat down the grass rather than use the mower and pay for gas. He was so happy to be in the yard and started munching right away. Not giving a second thought about anything than that yummy grass. Figured I'd just leave him in there the entire weekend. This morning there he was eating grass. All was fine until I turned the other horses and donkeys out for the day. That's when it all started.
As soon as he couldn't see anyone, that's when the pacing and running started. And of course the hollering!

Down the fence.

Sorry this is a repeat of the above pic.

I came back into the house and watched him go up and down. Pace. Pace. Pace.

Still going strong.

Then it was running.

Back down the fence at a trot.

Still at it.

More running.
He hasn't moved this much in months! His favorite speed is walk. In fact, he worked himself into a sweat! All because he wasn't out in the pastures with the others. But remember, yesterday he was loving it! All that lucious green grass all to himself. Last night he was still enjoying it. This morning he was savoring every mouthful.
Until....... everyone else was turned loose. So, he has spent a good part of the day ignoring the grass under his big feet and worrying about everyone else.
Just a few moments ago the horses came up from the back pasture and now that the big Goofball can see them just across the driveway, he is fine now.
The only word that keeps coming to mind is "Really?". Here it is you have a big area filled with green grass, fresh water, no one to bother you, etc..... and you are worried because you can't see anyone else, but yet yesterday you could have cared less about being in the big yard. Really?
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  1. That's a horse for you. Heaven forbid that they should be separated from their herd, and realize it.

  2. Louise-- Ain't that the truth!! lol :)

    Joanna--Thank you. I think he is pretty handsome too. He is broke to ride although I have to admit it has been a year since I've ridden him. I feel so bad about not riding him, but life kind of has a way of changing plans!

  3. Funny Hoodini...he didn't want to not know *exactly* where everyone was at all times. Hmmm...can you say control issues? lol
    He's such a handsome boy!

  4. Awwwww he just wants to be with his friends....

  5. Reminds me of my boys, fighting like cat and dogs at times, but as soon as one is missing, the other one just wanders around aimlessly missing each other, wondering when he will be back.

  6. Isn't that typical? It's no fun, unless you can lord it over the others. "See--I get all this green lovely grass to myself". Once the audience is gone, the fun is over. Funny post.


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