Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More New Additions

The numbers of eggs hatching is increasing. There are now 6 black chicks and 3 yellow ones. A total of 9! And Bonnie is still sitting on 5 more eggs!! It was hard to take a picture of all the chicks now that they are running everywhere in all directions. You can see the first ones born are now beginning to feather out. Even the three yellow babies are starting to feather out.
This one was born yesterday. There are chicks of different sizes and ages. Chicks, chicks everywhere! And I love it!!!!!

Meet Doug. He belonged to my middle daughter who could no longer keep him. So, as you can see, he came here. His name was Danger, but honestly, didn't like the name, so changed it to Doug.

As soon as Doug arrived he fit right in. None of that scared, freak out attitude. In fact, he fit in so quickly that before I knew it he had fallen asleep. Awww, how cute.

I guess he was so relaxed, this is the position he fell asleep in. Yes, you are seeing right. The pillow is upright. Doug is snoozing hanging over the top of it.
There is one thing that Doug needs to stop. And that is waking me up at 4 in the morning wanting to be loved on. You know, the cat face in your face with of course the loud purring in the ear. Hopefully in a few days he will stop with the too early rising. As it is I am up at 5, don't have any intention of getting up any earlier than that!
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  1. I love the colours on Doug, what a georgous cat! And the chicks are too cute!

  2. Wow!! Can't believe those little girls still have the "sit it out" left in them! Those are alot of chicks to be coming at different times too! Thats just amazing and I gotta see some up close photos of Bonnie and Inger. Those are some very cool chickens and I think I need a dozen or so!!

  3. Looks like another King of the Leather Couch. lol.

  4. Cindy, your new cat is adorable! Better hide that one from me when I come over next week. He might accidentally take a ride home with me. hahaha

  5. Doug is beautiful, and the chicks are adorable! You are a lucky Momma!

  6. I love Doug, what a cool cat and so pretty too. And all those chicks are just too much. What are you going to do with all the eggs down the line?

  7. Cass-Thank you.

    Deb--You will fall in love with the Silkies. They are so friendly and such good mama's. They come in other colors besides white!

    Tina- Yes, he does think he is King of the couch. Well, until the big boy Trashcan wants it! lol

    Lynn-Thank you.

    Big Inger-- I plan on keeping all the girlie chicks, but going to have to get rid of any roosters. Already have two, don't need anymore. As for all those eggs, well, not going to get rich selling them, so, will give them to friends.

  8. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of little chickies!! How fun - Inger and Bonnie make an incredible tag team! How are the other chickens reacting to the babies? Is your coop going to be big enough for all those chickens?? :-) :-)
    They are delightful and I know exactly how much fun you are having - I'm absolutely tickled *for* you! :-)

  9. I'm amazed at your chickies--mothers and babies. The fact that the two moms--1 continues to sit and 2 takes in each baby as it is hatched is just so unusual. What a great team! I love little Doug. I have such a soft spot for the long hair pointed cats. My Meshach is so gentle and sweet, a beauty inside and out. The picture of Doug sleeping over the pillow is priceless. I have some "4 o'clockers' too. Wonder what it is about that time? I get up shortly after five as well, and really don't appreciate the early wakeup. At first it was just one of the kittens...last night when I opened my eyes there were five piled around my head, on my shoulder etc etc, motors running, so thrilled to see my eyes open!

  10. yes, my California cousins think I have a distinct accent, they're spread around San Francisco, Pleasanton, San Jose, and San Diego. My NC father was stationed in San Fran and met my Mom (both deceased now).

  11. Doug looks well settled in. The chicks are cute too. We're thinking about getting some baby turkeys this spring.We ordered 48 chicks last year and I had to keep them in the house, but they all made it, so we won't be ordering any more until next spring. We had one hide her eggs last summer and hatch out 8 babies, my dughter raised them and we still have them too.


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