Friday, February 5, 2010

Bringing the outdoors in

Today is a beautiful, blue sky day. And with such a beautiful day the cats are really paying attention to all that chirping going on inside the chicken house. Trashcan ( black cat) and Chit Chit ( gray tabby) acting nonchalant. I was mistaken about them wanting to get inside and help themselves to a chickie meal. Yeah, right boys, you were just hanging around to protect them!

So, since Little Inger, Bonnie and the chicks cannot come out of the hen house, I dig up some dirt and grass and brought the outside to them.

One of the chickies trying a piece of grass for the first time. I am pretty sure he'che liked it.

Little Inger has done such a good job teaching the young ones to scratch and look for food.

dGw/s400/Chicks,+Little+Inger+003.JPG"> Finally a picture of the second White Sillky baby.

No other eggs have hatched this morning. Bonnie is still sitting on them, so will let Mother Nature take her course. Maybe tomorrow there will be another surprise.

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  1. You are such a good chicken momma/grandmom to bring the outdoors inside to the chickens and chicks! That is so thoughtful!


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