Saturday, February 6, 2010

Video of Chickies

Thanks to Danni at Critter Farm and John at Going Gently, I was inspired to post a video of the chickies. First time uploading and posting one! Hopefully I did it right and you can watch it!

There are now three White Silky babies. Bonnie is still sitting on eggs while Little Inger teaches the youngsters.

The next thing I need to learn is how to add other bloggers addresses into my posts. In the meantime the blogs mentioned can be found in my favs and followings.

Stay tuned for more possible hatchings.

Until next time.............................


  1. Ok, now you have to teach me how to insert a video! Pass on your knowledge! I recently tried, but couldn't get it, lol.

    The chicks are very, very cute and small. It appears they are getting outside now!

  2. lovely video well done!!!
    I will video out 13th century cross for you!!

  3. Razz-- I just commented on your snow pics and let you know how I uploaded the video.

    John--Ooooh, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to seeing that video. :)

  4. This is a very cute video. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How absolutely adorable!!! And what fun for me to see my namesake with her chicks. She is too much. Good for you uploading a video! Great job!

  6. 2CF-- ( Connie) Thank you

    Big Inger---I thought you would especially enjoy the video since your namesake is featured! And she is an amazing mama. :)

  7. Cindy that is awesome!! They are adorable and I love the video! Please send me the info of how to get that done as well!!! Maybe, just maybe once the snow and ice clears I can post some new videos of the horses... :-)


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