Monday, February 15, 2010


There is no picture with this video. It is all sound. Turn up your speakers and you will hear frogs. Hundred and hundreds of frogs from the ponds across the road from here. You will also hear a Honker ( Canadian goose) every now and then. They are also at the ponds. I had to wait until it was dark because that is when the frogs really start croaking. And yes, in case you are wondering, there are quite a few frogs here. In fact, in about a month or so there will be hundreds of frogs in the driveway and on the house. No kidding! It really is amazing. The frogs are so loud that we can hear them from inside the house!

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  1., too!! The frogs are INSANE...We noticed them for the first time on Friday night, Feb loud, we simply couldn't believe it. Did they all just come out of hibernation on that day? It seems so early for them. Regardless, it is so very impressive...and hopefully a sign of environmental health? We hear them about every other day now. Fascinating!!

  2. Omg that reminds me of a not so pleasant encounter I had with frogs many years

  3. Rather have frogs from the pond than fish from the pond ;) I love the sound of frogs.

  4. sounds like a summer evening, but everything is snow covered and frozen right now.


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