Thursday, February 4, 2010

This n that

Lately I seem to have lost some of my sense of humor. Okay, a lot of my sense of humor. Before, not much would put me into a good, hardy laugh. You know the kind, the one with tears streaming down your face and your side hurting. See this ordinary looking hat? Well, somewhat ordinary looking. This hat had me laughing pretty darn good.
Until you press the botton under the bill and voila', there are two small lightbulbs that light up! Last night I had to see how much light there was to see by ,so off outside into the dark I went. My goodness there was a lot of light! Surprised the heck out of me. You should have seen the cats. They didn't know wether to run and hide or come investigate. As you can see in the picture Ozzy is investigating.

This morning there was another surprise ( sorry no pic of the new baby yet). Yup, another White Silky baby. To date there are three black ones and two White Silkies. Here are two of the older babies inder Little Inger keeping warm.

Every now and then my camera takes a really good pic. Just precious.

These are just two of the cats ( Miss Kitty on the left and Goat on the right) hanging around the coop fascinated by the new babies. Okay, let's call it what it is. They want to have a meal with those babies!
Maybe tomorrow there will be another surprise.
Until next time..........................


  1. You are having quite a good hatching and so far apart! She looks like a very good Mom! It just amazes me when they are such naturals and the instinct is just incredible..How very Cool!

  2. Wow - you got some great shots! Lil Inger is the perfect mommy - she's taking her job very seriously, like every good momma should!

  3. Deb--Like you I am amazed how the natural instinct has kicked in. A lot of people told me that hatchery raised chicks have lost their mothering sense.

    Danni--Yes, I am very proud of Little Inger. She is wonderful.

  4. I second the motion for watching cats reactions to things... We have been lucky with our hens, they let the cats know that chicks are off limits, and there have been no problems. Unless you count the cat being pecked on both bow and stern until it leaves the area...

    May you have healthy happy birds. And cats, for that matter. But not because of the birds!

    Anyway, have a great one,

  5. Great pictures! Cute chicks! Makes me want babies again...

  6. Cat---You are so right about the chickens teaching the cats manners! All of our cats are afraid of the big chickens. As soon as the babies are big enough the cats should leave them alone.


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