Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wild Bird

Please forgive my talking on the video. I'm not very good at it at all!! The whole tongue tied, not sure what to say, brain fart thing. :)

Yes, the wild bird is now out of the chicken coop which makes Little Inger, Bonnie and the babies at ease.

Update on the ducks. Thanks to a friend ( Kim), she has identified the ducks as Egyptian Geese! So they weren't ducks at all. Oooops! Looks like instead of a Duck Crossing sign, it'll have to be a Goose Crossing sign.

Until next time................................


  1. This reminds me of when I was at my old house, we had some small bird get in with the chickens, but it had the OPPOSITE effect, there was a broody hen, and she kept scooping up the little bird and trying to set on her like the chicks. (Said little bird didn't appriciate it, either!) Thanks for the video!

    Duck, duck, goose... "BIRD crossing"?


  2. Cat--- You had me laughing so hard with the image of your hen trying to sit on the wild bird like a chick! OMG I can only imagine what that wild bird was thinking! lol :)

  3. Hey we got lots of Geese crossing signs up here lol....need one? Duck/goose ..same difference... lol...if it has wings it's a bird to me lol....

  4. This will sound wierd, but being from Australia, I love your accent! I'm not very good at narrating on video's either. That is why i have not done any video's. I'm the queen at getting tounge tied!

    Glad the wild bird is out and everything is back to normal for the chicks.


  5. Me (Tina)-- If I don't get around to making a sign, I may just have you send one down! lol

    Cass-- I love it! You think I have an accent! lol Aw come on, your turn now! Let's hear you talk. If I can do it, you can. :)

    John-- Thank you. :)


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