Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cat On A Mission

Do you have one of those cats that you swear try to trip you while you are walking? Well, we have Laura Bubooshka who does just that. I am not kidding when I say that I swear she tries to trip me when I am walking. To the left, to the right, back to the left and on and on. Laura is a cat on a mission and I know it! I have tried scooting her out of the way and it only makes her more determined to come right back and do it again. I've tried picking her up while walking to avoid the tripping, but that doesn't work. She wants down. I have actually jogged away from her when I see her coming to avoid the 'dance'. But to no avail, cats run fast! Having her around keeps us on our toes!

Until next time...........................


  1. yes, I've had cats like that, my balance isn't all that great to begin with.

  2. That's too funny. Love it. lol

  3. We have 2 cats, Bug and Misfit. They go everywhere with me when I'm outside, and stay under my feet. They have even followed me into the pasture with the cows. They act like they are afraid they're going to miss something.

  4. yes, callie will do that and roll right in front of me and the others especially princess will dart in between my legs as i am walking and either i almost fall or, she gets kicked ending in my yelling at her...they do this on purpose...a kitty game i guess. love the chicken at the end!

  5. I have a dog like that, you know him: Soldier! He walks around my legs and stops suddenly and trips me. He also walks in front of me, always looking back to make sure I'm following, hence running into cabinets, tables, couches and so on. He is sooo funny!


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