Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunny Day

This post is for the kind folks who visit my blog that are having to deal with winter weather aka a LOT of snow and freezing temps. Bonnie is still sitting on five eggs. Hmmm, wonder if and when they are going to hatch. I took a peek under her and there are four Bantam eggs and one big white one.
Thought you might like to see how big the first chicks that were hatched compared to the last two. Quite the difference!

Today it has been close to 70 degrees. Beautiful blue sky. Warm soft breeze.

Pearl just relaxing and enjoying the day.

Arnold snoozing with the warmth of the sun upon him. Cookie not wanting to do much of anything but stand around.
On a side note, this morning I had to drive to town and on the way back the traffic slowed to a crawl. What the heck. The speed limit is 45 and everyone including me were doing 30! Was there an accident up ahead? Did a car break down blocking traffic? Nope, neither of those. It was a truck way up ahead with no one in front of them, and that driver was doing 30, which caused the whole line of traffic to do 30. Um, at that moment the word hostage came to mind. Here it was, one driver was holding up a lot of traffic by going that slow and the rest of us didn't have a choice but to follow. Ugh!!!!
Back to today being a beautiful, warm sunny day. I hope the pics put a smile on your face for those of you dealing with snow and wanting Spring.
The video at the end is short, sorry.

You can hear the frog next to the house, but can't see it.

Until next time..........................


  1. Sunny and warm...what is that? lol I can not wait for spring.

  2. Wow, I just feel so warm watching your video!!! The frog is awesome! Wish I was there where it is warm!

  3. We love frogs, we have heaps around our house. The boys love trying to find where they are hiding! It's nice to see some sunshine, we have had very cloudy, rainy, humid days over here!

  4. Beautiful sunny day. Wish it was here! We have a very overcast, rainy day today. Of course, I'm off work today ;)

  5. Send that breeze to West Virginia, we need some snow melted off before we get another snow that is coming Monday. The suns out here today, but its still only about 35.All of my animals are stretched out in the sun enjoying the moment.

  6. Oh my gosh!! GREEEN!!! What is that??!! and 70 degrees?? Whats for sale in your neighborhood!? :)


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